Monday, September 19, 2011

September Bliss...!!!

Has it been a great September or what!!!  The weather has cooled down and humidity has dropped!  A bit of Fall color is starting to appear!  Fall is my favorite time of Year!

We are all Very Happy!!  The bucks are in rut and most of the girls are bred back for January kidding.  We prefer our does to kid early, they do better in the cooler weather and the does milk like crazy when it is cold.  We offer heated water trough so freezing is not an issue.  Butter Fat is high in the cooler weather too.

Pinky and Angel are pictured to the left above.
The rams are starting to notice the cooler weather.  The photo to the right is Victor, a mini cheviot and a young Icelandic Ram, Bandit.

Our last milk test had a herd average of 8% milk fat!  That included the Nubian!  We are trying to dry off Ariel, the Nubian, which is not easy.  I am going to synchronize her with medications and AI her according to appointment.  Heat checks with my schedule are next to impossible.  I am going to attempt to breed Imani GAB Pink Ariel 2*M to SGCH Golthwaite Bonny's Black Tie *B.  I will save the fancy semen for next year, once I have my Technique down.

Oldesouth Blue AnnaLynn 1*M has earned her ADGA star and is pending on her *D and NDGA stars.  (left) Oldesouth FLA Amber Blue 1*M has also earned her milking stars, pending *D and DAR+.  That makes 6 stared does to date.  We will take UDiamond all the way to 305 to see if she can hit the 1000 pounds of milk mark.

AnnaLynn just made her star... she got out of the Milking Diva area and had partied with Superb, because I was not sure she was going to make her milk mark before kidding.  She is very pregnant!  She dried up in a week and is starting to bag up again!  She will have some awesome blue eyed kids!

We will be going to some fall shows in October and November and will keep you updated on our adventures.

Check out our Fall Kidding Schedule at or call us at 334-327-9252

The sheep will be going into their breeding groups shortly for next springs lambs.  Lambs will be going into the finishing pen after shearing for a month of feed for spectacular tasting lamb.  We have a couple of lambs available, call us if you would like to reserve one, they go really fast.

Our sheep herd lounging near the barn.

This lovely heifer is Beyonce.  She is half Angus and half shorthorn.  She will be calving shortly for the first time.  She is bagging up, so it should not be to much longer...