Sunday, January 15, 2012

Into a New Year

Another year has arrived all to quickly.  We reflect on 2011 and are Thankful for a great year.  We look forward to 2012 as an even better year, hopefully finishing
some Championships on a few goats along the way.

We will be heading into our second year on DHIR.  Our first year was very good, this year will be even better.  Now we sort of know what we are doing and get the paper work correct most of the time.  The General daughters are coming into their second freshening and we will see the milk come on!  Oldesouth Blue Alexa 1*M,*D, +DAR has a daughter Oldesouth Blue Amber who is looking fantastic.  She freshened with triplets, two does and a buck sired by Oldesouth SunRay, SG Sunra's son.  Her udder is fantastic and she is in the milking string.  Her first milk test will be next week.  Sun Ray is pictured below.

LTE Olde Angel, Alexa's and Babette's dam has finally freshened with two does and a buck.  She has had bucks for the last two years.  These gals are sired by *B Lost Valley PG Superb *S.  I expect them to milk even better then their sisters.

UDiamond will be kidding this month and I have purchased a web cam to keep an eye on her from work and on my phone.  She will be moving into the garage at the house this week so she can be monitored via WIFI and the web cam.  UDiamond is bred to Zyvox.  Sunra will be another doe to be closely monitored, she is due late January into Feburay.

UDiamond's son *B Oldesouth Cognac Diamond *S (photo above) is in the breeding pen with some yearlings.  He seems to have his act together and we will expect some kids in May.  This fall we will use Cognac on several of my older does.  We hope to use Oldesouth Lex Supreme as well, once his dam earns her milking stars, he will be *B, *S.  Lex has a great conformation, chest, depth of chest, a powerful buckling and beautiful topline.  He also has moonspots!  His dam Brush Creek Liz is milking surprizingly well, with perfect teat placement, large, easy to milk teats, she is a super nice doe at 7 years.  I even put up with her laying down after I take the milking inflations off.  She is getting easier to milk, not dragging me to the stand or playing ring around the milk stand.  I guess the animal crackers have convinced her I was not so bad...

UDiamond dry and pregnant pictured to left.  She is beautiful.

Brat is being milked again, she is being almost good.  If you know Brat, that is saying a lot.  She must have had a trama when young, because she still is crazy if strangers come around or something changes.  A lot of it is pure fear, she will tremble and cry like I was going to kill her.  Then she settles down and comes into the milking parlor, gets on the stand and exits quickly.

The cows have calved.  Christy and Beauty both calved heifers.
The photo to the right is Christy's Calf sired by Brutus, the Beef Master Bull we had.

The lovely calf to the left is Black Beauty's heifer calf by Brutus.
Beyonce and her calf Destiny to the right.  Beyonce always has something to say about everything and is a first time mom with a beautiful fat calf.

We have a lovely pair of Geese For Sale.  We have them priced at $75 for the pair.  They have been raised on free range and are out with the sheep on pasture.  Email for more information:

I took these photos at the farm one evening when fog was rolling in.  It made an interesting series of photos.  It was a bit spooky as the fog rolled in like waves in the ocean.

One more photo of the fog rolling onto Oldesouth Farm.