Monday, October 31, 2011



It has been unusually cold the last week or so of October.  We have had several frosts already and nights in the 30s.  We usually have these temps the end of November.  I have waited to shear the Icelandics, hoping the night temperatures would get back into the 50s.  I do not want to loose any sheep to pneumonia.  If the temps remain, we may have missed the window to shear until spring.

The goats are mostly bred back and my best milkers are drying up before a final show.  Next year we will breed a month to 6 weeks later to avoid this from happening.  We have 4 lambs to be processed and will be making arrangements for them shortly.

Lots to do at the farm, preparing for winter and we are going to need another trailer of hay to make sure we have enough until next spring.  It is the time of the year to pick up hay string and clean up downed branches in the orchard.  We plan on harvesting some pecans as well.  The trees are very old with small pecans.  Holley's True Value will shell them for us.  I have offered pecans to folks who can come and pick them up (for FREE).  Funny how folks do not want to pick them, and then complain about the high prices.  Folks are just to Lazy to bend over and pick them up off the ground.  Some folks just do not appreciate what nature has to offer.... 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Love October!

October is my favorite month, cool weather, beautiful sunny days and Fall Colors.  Of course in the south, full Autumn color does not arrive until mid November.  Oldesouth Blue AnnaLynn and Oldesouth FLA Amber Blue are enjoying the dry doe pen after earning their milking stars.

What have we been doing this month...  Fall Kidding is over and we have had a buck fall.  We did have a beautiful MOON SPOTTED buckling from Brush Creek Liz.  Liz, for 7 years of age has a really nice udder.  Brush Creek Charlie's Angel also had a really nice doe for a 9 year old.  All these kids are sired by Superb.

The handsome young man to the right is Philip.  He helps us out with feeding and caring for the livestock.  He is a big help and enjoys working with the animals.

We traveled to Jackson, Mississippi for two days of goat showing and did fairly well.  UDiamond won two Reserve Championships and Best Udder.  Sunra won both her classes as well.  Did not have a lot of time to take photos this time.

We are gearing up for the Peanut Festival which is on a Monday.  This will be our last show of the year and most of my does will be dried off.  Really need a break, I am tired of milking....  UDiamond is up to 950 pounds of milk as a first freshener.  Oldesouth Cocoa Delight has 620 pounds as a yearling first freshener.  Belladonna is up to 710 pounds as a 19 inch second freshener.  Poor old Little Tot's Estate Silene is drying up and will not make her star this year.  Maybe next time.

We are Dispersing our herd of Icelandic Sheep to focus more on the Nigerians.  We can go to more spring and fall shows if we do not have to spend the time shearing.  Check out our sheep sales page for more information: . 

The Trump pictured to the left is for sale too.  He is a beautiful ram and currently with the ewes until sold.

We will have several Nigerian Wethers For Sale over the Holiday Season.  Since we wether all but the best bucklings, we will have several to offer. An example is the little fellow above.  He is $75.

We also processed a couple of geese and David Powe came over to help out.  We plucked and plucked and plucked till our fingers were raw.  We processed two and left the other two for another time.  Boy, there is goose down covering the entire farm.

Brush Creek Liz, one of the older Does kidded a really nice buckling with moon spots.  Her udder was very impressive for 7 years.  Below are some photos, not filled up of her udder.

Enough for now...