Saturday, October 19, 2013

Love October!

October is my favorite month and goes by way to fast.  Cool, dry weather and the trees are showing a touch of color.  Today we have some rain and it is a bit cold, so it is a good day to update what is happening.

We went to an AI Refresher course in Georgia with Cam Fairchild.  We synced and bred two does.  He told us when we start we will have a 50% success rate.  When we are good, it will increase to 70%.  Well, Alexa came back into heat, but it looks like Scandal is bred.  We will draw blood shortly to know for sure.  Most of the herd is going the natural route and we are using a few young Oldesouth bucks.  Rain-Beau boys are looking great and Amber's son Crimson Tide will breed most of the does.

We have been to the Alabama National Fair and won the milking classes and brought home Grand and Reserve Champion does in milkSG NC Promisedland BHP Scandal 4*M AR, 5*D took the Grand and our baby Oldesouth SR Cuppuccino took the reserve as a yearling.  Rain-Beau took the Best Of Breed and later won BEST IN SHOW.  This is her third BIS for the year.  Rain-Beau has really turned out to be an awesome doe.  I purchased her as a brood doe, fat and furry.  She cleans up really well...

Most of our milking string is into their 8th month of milk and many are pregnant.  All that milking pays off at the fall shows when most herds have either dried their does off or the does are fading in their milk.  It is really important to milk the first fresheners as long as you can stand to.  Then as second fresheners... and beyond, they are magnificent.
(above are the 4 Best In Show wins for 2013.  One is from our buck Oldesouth Blue Blanc Sabr
and the other three are from Rain-Beau.)
Wins for the year so far with the Peanut Festival our final show:
2 AGS does Finished Champions
2 ADGA does Finished Champions
9 Grand Champion titles
3 New Stared Milkers
1 SG doe

We have been selling off sheep, have our calves sold with cows due in December and the pigs will be heading to Freezer Camp next week.  Two of the Tom Turkeys born in the spring will be heading to Freezer Camp and a couple of lambs.  Our freezers will be full.

The hay is bought and delivered with the only thing to do is plant some rye grass for winter in one pasture.  It will be a nice addition to the hay for both the goats and cattle.  The goats can graze it when it is small and the cattle when it grows tall.

It has been a fast and furious year and we are thankful for the wins and wonderful goats we have been blessed with.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We have recovered... From Nationals...

SGCH / ARMCH NC Promisedland Rain-Beau 2*M AR, 3*D
National Best Udder and Top Production for Butter Fat Award
***We are planning on AI for Rain-Beau to Chenango-Hills Lysander *B 2014***
What is it like to go to Nationals?  Wow, where to begin...  Working to get the time off from work, that was a miracle to begin with.  Patsie and I left July 4th, before the rain broke loose.  We were on the road two days, milking at 12 hour intervals.  Managed to get through a hurricane rain storm from Culmon, AL all the way to Kentucky.  We had some leak issues in the trailer and rigged some tarps to channel the leaks away from our Diva Girls.

We arrived at the show at St Paul, Minnesota the morning of July 6 th to the Vet check in.  No problems, we had our paper work and tattoos in order (can you imagine us with our act together) and off to unload.  We had no idea the stalls were 1/4 mile from our unloading zone.  OMG, never hauled so much stuff so far in my life!  There were no young folks for hire either and it was to bad, so sad.  Guess my cardiovascular system is ok or I would have Dropped Dead that day...  Thank Goodness, Patsie brought that wagon I fussed over (taking up space, etc) ... it saved me from keeling over right there!  Later we found out we could have unloaded on the other side of the barn and had about 6 stalls to haul the stuff!!!

Our lodging was in the dorms of the pig barn, another 1/4 mile or seemed 1/2 mile away from our goats which were moved to the horse barn.  We thought we were in one spot and were told no, we were in the wrong spot and moved, you guessed it, another 1/4 mile further from everything...  Wish I had brought my roller skates...

We signed up for the pig barn and were moved to the horse barn.  No problem, we had plenty of room for the goats, some folks were on top of each other and with it being so hot and humid, we thought we had brought Alabama with us.  We had a breeze and some draft horse open stalls across the way, so we had room to breath and could use fans for a breeze.

The dorms were ok, had showers and all gals, but had to go up two fights of stairs to get there. It kicked our butts each and every time we dragged our exhausted selves up it!  I thought I was in reasonable shape... boy was I wrong!  We walked so much from everywhere to everything, I had to tape my shines for shine splints.  Thought I was back in boot camp marching...

The show ring was beautiful, but the nearest pee spot... you guessed it... long way off... no bathrooms in the show building...  You all can imagine what that is like without TMI...

We enjoyed the show and we were to busy to take photos.  Then I find out the photographer did not take photos of the Nigerians past the two year olds.  Very disappointing...  So no photos of the older does and no line up, no best udder... no anything!  Next Nationals, I will take someone with us to take photos!

Rain-Beau took Second in the over 7 class and second to the National Champion, which was a lovely little doe... what an udder she had.  Rain-Beau took first udder over the National Champion and then went back into the ring where we milked them out right there, those photos lost too, to take National Best Udder.  She also won the Production Award for Butter Fat.

Oldesouth Galloway and GCH Oldesouth Blue Amber took 6th and 7th place in the 3 year old milker classes, which was excellent.  Our Juniors, which I am never strong in, won 19th, 20th and Little Bootsie owned by Patsie won 16th.  The classes were very large and we were happy to MAKE THE CUT, kind of thing.

Would we go back to MN, no way...  If NO AC, we are not going!!!   It was a ONCE in a life time experience, but we are going to Kentucky next year.  We sort of know what we are doing (HA HA) and will prepare better and have only 7 hours to drive, not two days!!  The Kentucky show will be HUGE!  The southeast has some fine goats and we will see what happens in 2014!  BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

GCH Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M AR, 2*D, 2+DAR
7th National Show 2013
**This doe will be bred to Oldesouth SD Vine Rough *S, son of Rain Beau for 2014 kids.

Oldesouth Galloway, 6th National Show 2013 will be bred to SD Vine Rough *S or his brother Oldesouth SD Sauveur *S also.  I purchased semen in 2012 from JNels from Chenango-Hills Lysander *B and plan on using him for Rain-Beau for 2014.

We are on Standard DHIR and show our goats.  We offer Excellence in conformation and milk.  Our website is: .  Check out our breeding schedule, which is not completed, to many excellent bucks to choose from.  But will have it all completed by the end of August.  We will be kidding in January for our milking girls on DHIR.  Check us out and call me Terry Babb for any questions:  334-327-9252.
We are grateful for the awards our does received and the folks at Vaughan Regional Hospital who made it happen for the time off to attend the show!  Thank YOU!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What a month!! May has been awesome!

Wow!  We have hit two shows this month and have brought home the awards.  What a blessing and I am so proud of our little gals!  Milk is a flowing and happy girls produce wonderful milk!

We have been attending dual sanctioned ADGA/AGS shows to pick up both legs in one shot. I love the ADGA and AGS and want to have my goats receive awards in both associations.  We are located in the middle of no where.  So to go to shows in GA or LA are close to the same distance.  Go west this year is our plan.  At least we do not have to go through the Atlanta traffic which is the worst in the country!  Hate Atlanta!  Once came through at midnight and took 2 hours to get through due to some folks screwing around with the road and one lane open.  My legs were cramping from the stop and go and when we finally got up to the work area, the guys were doing nothing!  I would have fired them all if they had worked for me... Have not gone through Atlanta since...

Our last show was in Baton Rouge, LA.  Delta Dairy Goat Association.  Excellent show and lots of room at the building.  We ate some fine sea food with a bit of heat.  Highly recommend the show!

Our winnings are as follows:

Ring one:  SGCH NC Promiesedland Rain-Beau needed one more leg for her ARMCH in AGS and she won Grand Champion SR Doe and Best Udder.  Since no Champion Challenge Class we pulled her from the show so others could win.

Oldesouth SD Rain Deesse won Grand Champion JR Doe in ring one.  She was pulled from the show and had her restricted leg.

Both Rain-Beau and her daughter Deesse were finished at this show and could relax.

Ring two:  Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M, 2*D, 2+DAR won her second leg and Best Udder for her GCH in ADGA and 1st leg in AGS.

Ring Three:  SGCH (pending) NC Promiseland SIA Sunra won her last leg for her AGS, MCH award and Best Udder.  We pulled her from the show at this point.
Ring Four:  Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M, 2*D, 2+DAR won her last leg of her ADGA championship and her 2nd leg of her AGS championship.

***Then Oldesouth Blue Blanc Sabr won his second ADGA and AGS legs with Grand Champion Sr Buck.  He also went on to win Best Buck in Show!.

What a weekend!  The weather was not to hot, had a full moon to drive home in, could not have been a better weekend.  We arrived safely back at 1 am Monday and had the day to recoup before going back to work.

We won 6 Grands and a BIS out of the 4 shows attended.  What a weekend....

***We have decided to not participate in ADGA Linear Appraisals this year due to them being scheduled in July.  We have participated in 2011 and 2012.  July is hell is Alabama and most of our girls freshen in Jan, Feb, through April.  We do not think a good evaluation in 125 degree heat index and 100% humidity will be an option.  I think the poor Appraiser will fall out with heat stroke, especially if they are not accustomed to the Alabama heat.  We have decided to LA every other year and will do the 2014 LAs.  If the time frame schedule does not suit us, we will conduct a special session as we did in 2012.  If we do a special session, we will open our farm to a few select farms, so stay tuned for 2014.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

May is here already!

Wow, what a year!  We have been to Florida and Tenn.  Our weather has been crazy and we have been wearing winter wools and shorts, all in the same week.

Our show at the Forever Goats Show the beginning of April was great.  We finished Sunra's Championship.  She freshened as a 5 year old with triplets.  Waiting for the perfect udder to come in and BOOM, it was there!  Love this doe, have been milking her for 3 years, waiting for the High and Tight udder to show me what she really has.  Sunra has a beautiful udder, but always needed more of it.  With triplets, it was there and wow!

While in Florida, I got a phone call Rain-Beau had kidded and two weeks later Blue Amber had kidded.  SGCH NC Promisedland Rain-Beau 3*M AR, 2*D AR is a once in a life time doe.  She is the sweetest doe on the planet, behind Sunra, who is the absolute sweetest doe, and she demands special attention.  Rain-Beau had a buck and doe kids, both retained, by my buck *B Farm Oldesouth Cherokee Paint *S, *DS.  Cherokee is a small buck, his dam has an excellent udder and he is long, sired by *B Lost Valley PG Superb *S.  Milk production on both sides, conformation and a bit of decrease in size for the kids.

In Florida, we received many firsts and other placings, the Grand Champion is what is important, followed by the Reserve Grand Champion and Best of Breed.. Etc.  Sunra won one Reserve and Two Grands, finishing her ADGA championship.  She also received two legs for AGS.  Upon closer examination, Sunra is one leg from AGS, her first leg was not dual sanctioned.  Oldesouth Sunshine won a Reserve Championship due to her lovely udder as a second freshener.

Our Buck Farm Oldesouth Blue Blanc Sabr, Sunshine's Brother won Grand Champion and two reserves.  This is his first leg toward his championship as a two year old.

Then we went to Tenn to a show in Lebanon, Music City Classic.  Excellent show, even though it was cold and rained the whole time.  Had to bundle up goats to keep them warm and comfortable.  Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M, 2*D, 2+DAR won first place as a 3 year old and Farm Oldesouth Sunshine won her 2 year old class.  They did not make the Grand or Reserve, then Rain-Beau entered the ring as the Champion Challenge.  She won Best of Breed in both rings.

We brought the milking machine and milked Rain-Beau out, ready for the Best in Show.  We had to wait while a gal was milking, by hand one of the larger goats.  Rain-Beau strutted her stuff and was given Best in Show in both rings!!!  Wow, what a day.  Both judges told me to take her to nationals.  Nationals are in Minnesota...  Are you crazy!!!  Put in for the time off and we will see what happens.  This story may be short or perhaps will be history in the making....

I had a copy of the 2010 Nationals and actually watched it on video... Yeah...  Rain-Beau was there, over conditioned, but beautiful as a four year old.  She placed 5th out of 20,  a diamond in the rough.  We will see what plan faith has for us and go with the flow....

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring is here, the Spring Shows are in full swing... Grab your bag and let's GO...!

Kidding has been on full speed since March.  Bottle babies all over the place, had to dam raise a few, to many to care for properly and work a full time job.  Love my bottle babies.  What have we been doing the last month or so...?  Sit for a spell and find out...

Photo to the right are the winnings at Forever Goat Show in Palmetto, Florida.

Reba daughter to the left.

We traveled to Dade City, Fl the 3rd week of March to a great goat show.  Competition tough, we won first in the Yearling milker Class, Oldesouth Diva Diamond and placed 2nd or 3rd in the other milker classes, nothing to break the door down over.  Jrs, Oldesouth Black Diamond won a large sr jr class, but nothing beyond.  Little Oldesouth Rain Deesse won seconds.  Our buck Oldesouth Blue Blanc Sabr won a class of under two bucks and two seconds, also competetive classes.

Two weeks later we headed to Palmetto, Fl with SunRa and Sunshine freshening as soon as we had gotten home from Dade City.  The milk was on.  The photo below is Oldesouth Blue Blanc Sabr who has a leg towards his championship with Grand Champion SR Buck and two reserve championships.

My mom, Beverly Bousson is pictured below with her friend.  They live near the Palmetto Show and came to visit and enjoy the day feeding bottle babies, we took Sunra's kids and Sunshine's kids, a total of seven with us.


My cousin Michelle came to help as well and we enjoyed good food, good company and a great day!
Winner of the day was SG NC Promisedland SIA Sunra 3*M AR, 4*D, +DAR.  She won two Grand Championship SR does in milk and one Reserve, finishing her SGCH in ADGA.  She also won two AGS legs and are checking into seeing if she had earned an AGS leg when she won the ADGA leg for her to be a MCH as well.  Stay tuned for the final conformation.  (Below left)
Below right is Oldesouth Sunshine who won a Reserve Championship.

Our weekend was long and we will end this adventure with some kids.  We are breeding to improve the Nigerian Dwarf breed and slowly but surely hope to prove it.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Let the Kidding begin...

Kidding season has begun here at Oldesouth Farm.  Our first fresheners are looking good and Oldesouth SR Cuppachino is pictured below.  She turned a year old January 8th and she kidded 2-08-13.  She is on DHIR and gave 2.7 pounds her first test.  Give her time, she will grow and so will her milk.  What a lovely udder she has.  She had twins, a buckling who is cream and white and a black doe.  The Doeling will be retained and the buckling will be offered FOR SALE.  The sire is *B Oldesouth ZV Marquese *S, a UDiamond son.

Oldesouth Diva Diamond had two nice bucklings sired by Oldesouth Blue Blanc Sabr.  Diva has a high, beautifully attached udder, but her teat placement and susp lig could be better.  I think it will correct and constant milking will improve the over all udder.  Her two bucklings went to their new homes as wethers and are spoiled rotten, like their mother and grand mother.  Diva's two bucklings below.

Our goats are all pregnant and today AnnaLynn blessed us with twin blue eyed does sired by +*B Rosasharn MR General B +*S, +DAR.  She was busy eatting her afterbirth when I wanted to take photos of her and her daughters.  Yeah...  Ick.  Decided to wait for another day.

This doe is Oldesouth Babette 1*M, *D, +DAR.  She is bred to *B Oldesouth Cognac Diamond *S, *DS.  She is a sister to Oldesouth Blue Alexa and we are deciding to sell her or not.  We have been waiting for her to give us some daughters.  The last two years she has had bucklings.  Perhaps this will be her doe year.  Lovely doe above.
 This is the cute and sassy Oldesouth CD Spit Fire.  She is sired by *B Oldesouth Cognac Diamond *S,*DS, her dam is Oldesouth Sequoia Baby.

Below are photos of Oldesouth SD Deesse, daughter of our lovely SGCH NC Promisedland Rain-Beau 2*M AR, 3*D AR and the sire is CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku *S. 

Our last photos are saying goodbye to our Jack Russel Terrior, "Grizzly II".  He was hit and killed by a car 2-2-2013.  RIP little buddy...


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Where did January go?

We are looking forward to this year and will be attending twice as many shows this year as last.  January has gone by in a blink of an eye and our kidding begins in February.  We have four does milking who are worth DHIR and so we slowed down, but did not take the break we had hoped for.

Beyonce and the four calves for 2012/2013.

We have four calves on the ground by the Angus Bull we rented last year.  Three bulls and a heifer.  One bull calf will be raised up to breed back to the herd next year.  We also plan on raising up four pigs this year and will get them in April when the milk is in full flow.  Then at six months, they will be heading to Reed's for freezer camp.  They will be free ranged in the Pecan Orchard and fed goat milk and supplemental feed.  The price per pound live will be in the $1.50 to $1.75 depending on the current feed prices.  Feed prices have been off the chart for 2012, will see what it is for 2013.  We will be raising up a couple of steer calves as well.  They will be grass fed and grain fed.  It will be 2014 before they are ready, but will take reservations and can do 3 if the interest is there.  Contact us if you are interested.  I like the grass and grain fed, more tender and of course, no hormones or antibiotics will come near our beef.  I hope to prime one out for myself and will split it.  Prime means the steer will be fed to the Prime grade which is premium.  These are half to three quarter Angus calves, so they will be excellent eating.

The first two does to kid this year will be Oldesouth Diva Diamond, daughter of UDiamond and Oldesouth SR Cuppachino, daughter of Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M, 2*D. They are my best yearling does so far and bagged up.  Udiamond will kid in Feb, bred to Sudoku.  Her daughter looks just like her.  We will have several first fresheners who are yearlings and their kids will be reasonably priced until the dams make their milking awards.  It is a great opportunity to get some great milking genetics at a decent price.  Check out our breeding schedule at:

The winter has not been terribly cold here in Alabama, but we have had a lot of rain.  Have had to bed with a lot of pine shavings to keep the girls dry and especially the milkers.  Dry goats are healthy, happy goats.  Quality hay is not easy to find, so we are saving the hay to feed and not bedding with it like in past years.  The pine shavings have been doing well for us and we will continue to use them.

We are on DHIR again for 2013 and look forward to seeing how the yearlings do and our regular herd.  The General daughters are heading into their third freshening, so production should be great.  Most of the first fresheners are sired by NC Promisedland Zyvox *S and *B Lost Valley PG Superb *S.  Great milking genetic potential waiting to be realized.

We are working on a show schedule and deciding which shows to attend this year.  Since I work full time, we need to plan ahead and put in for the time off.  I love show secretaries who put out the show info early so folks like myself can plan ahead.  I have missed shows due to slow schedulers which we would have enjoyed attending.  Show secretaries, please get the info out early so everyone can plan which shows to attend.  There are a lot of shows this year and I am thrilled.  Can not wait to see what the first fresheners will bring to the table in both milk and conformation.

Want to share with folks a gadget I have for putting out the large bales of hay for the cows.  We do not own a tractor yet and this hay spear on a trailer does the job perfectly.  I have borrowed this from a friend and hope to purchase it in the future.  I like to hook it to my small truck, just easier to maneuver.  One just backs it into the bale and give a bit of gas to drive the spear into the bale.

Once speared, you crank the hydraulic jack and jack it up.
 Hungry cow girls and calves waiting at the gate for you.

When you get to where you want to drop it, cut the strings and remove them.  Then all it takes is turning the knob to let the jack down and the bale to ease down.  Drive forward and the bale is delivered.

You really need a hay ring or the cow girls will waste a good 20% of the hay by stomping and pooping on it.  Get one light enough to move around with one person able to roll it up and around.

Flip the ring up like so and roll it on over to your bale of hay.

Roll it to the new bale and then push it over onto the bale.

Ring is on the bale and the cows put their head through it to eat and can not icky up the bale.  When they eat the bale down, the ring is light enough to move around and clean up the bale.

Baby Calf says, "Hi", have a great evening and we wish you a Great 2013.