Monday, February 25, 2013

Let the Kidding begin...

Kidding season has begun here at Oldesouth Farm.  Our first fresheners are looking good and Oldesouth SR Cuppachino is pictured below.  She turned a year old January 8th and she kidded 2-08-13.  She is on DHIR and gave 2.7 pounds her first test.  Give her time, she will grow and so will her milk.  What a lovely udder she has.  She had twins, a buckling who is cream and white and a black doe.  The Doeling will be retained and the buckling will be offered FOR SALE.  The sire is *B Oldesouth ZV Marquese *S, a UDiamond son.

Oldesouth Diva Diamond had two nice bucklings sired by Oldesouth Blue Blanc Sabr.  Diva has a high, beautifully attached udder, but her teat placement and susp lig could be better.  I think it will correct and constant milking will improve the over all udder.  Her two bucklings went to their new homes as wethers and are spoiled rotten, like their mother and grand mother.  Diva's two bucklings below.

Our goats are all pregnant and today AnnaLynn blessed us with twin blue eyed does sired by +*B Rosasharn MR General B +*S, +DAR.  She was busy eatting her afterbirth when I wanted to take photos of her and her daughters.  Yeah...  Ick.  Decided to wait for another day.

This doe is Oldesouth Babette 1*M, *D, +DAR.  She is bred to *B Oldesouth Cognac Diamond *S, *DS.  She is a sister to Oldesouth Blue Alexa and we are deciding to sell her or not.  We have been waiting for her to give us some daughters.  The last two years she has had bucklings.  Perhaps this will be her doe year.  Lovely doe above.
 This is the cute and sassy Oldesouth CD Spit Fire.  She is sired by *B Oldesouth Cognac Diamond *S,*DS, her dam is Oldesouth Sequoia Baby.

Below are photos of Oldesouth SD Deesse, daughter of our lovely SGCH NC Promisedland Rain-Beau 2*M AR, 3*D AR and the sire is CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku *S. 

Our last photos are saying goodbye to our Jack Russel Terrior, "Grizzly II".  He was hit and killed by a car 2-2-2013.  RIP little buddy...