Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall is here at last!

The entire summer has been so hot and humid, we can barely get anything done before dehydrating. September into the beginning of October was still hot!  We need a break in the humidity to catch up on a lot of chores.

July came and went and our girls did well at the Nationals in Louisville, KY.  Everyone placed in the top 20 does, many did top 10.  It was nice to be in an air conditioned building.  It was a long week and do wish it was not so long.  We are required to be there the entire week and really feel it is just to long.  More folks would be able to attend if it was cut in half and not an entire week.  To many folks have jobs and farms to care for and it is a hardship to be there an entire week, not including the driving days. We are really happy when it is OVER!

Farm Oldesouth SV Cuppuccino 3*M, 3*D placed eighth at the ADGA Nationals in Kentucky.  She is a two year old milker who has just hit 1000 pounds on her milk testing for DHIR.

          Farm Oldesouth SR Cuppuccino 3*M, 3*D                                                  

Farm Oldesouth SR Cuppucino 3*M, 3*D and her dam GCH Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M, 2*D

GCH Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M, 2*D

It is late October and just now cooling down.  We have AIed a few does this year and collecting bucks as well.  We have several bucks listed on our website in the Semen Sales section for your consideration.  We will have *B Oldesouth ZV Marquise Diamond *S and Oldesouth Sun Ray collected the end of November by Cam Faircloth.

We went to the Spencer Farm fund raiser for Labor Day and met Joel Salatin, author of several farming books.  He signed my, "You can Farm" book, one of the first ones I read by him.  The farm tour was great!

We will be raising another 15 Cornish Rock chickens this fall. We like the short grow out of these birds to 6 weeks and done.  We will have plenty of home grown chicken for the winter.  The spring chickens are gone except for two whole birds saved for company.  This group will be halved and frozen.  The half birds were really convenient for our family.

We have attended the Alabama National Fair in early October and took home a few ribbons.  We only took milkers this year and left the kids home.  We came home with Grand Champion Sr Doe, Reserve Champion SR Doe and Best of Breed Nigerian.  We took six does and won six first placements.

Farm Oldesouth Sunshine 2*M, 2*D

Won Grand Champion SR doe and her first leg towards her Championship as a three year old milker.

Farm Oldesouth SR Cuppuccino 3*M, 3*D

Won Reserve Grand Champion SR doe as a two year old milker.

SGCH / ARMCH NC Promisedland Rain-Beau 2*M, 3*D 

Won the Champion Challenge and Best Of 
Breed Nigerian.

The below photo is of Rain-Beau at her peak milk production in July 2014 at eight years of age.

 Farm Oldesouth Blessed Angel
She is a first freshener yearling milker and won her class at the Alabama National Fair.  She is close to earning her milk stars and one of our favorite young does.

We have one more show to attend in November and then will crank down the milk to dry everyone off by the end of December.  We will take a break until Feb 2015 when the kidding begins.

We have had a great year and are Thankful for the lovely goats and good folks we have met along the way. 

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