Sunday, December 25, 2011

Chistmas is HERE!

Merry Christmas everyone!  We are slow roasting the Christmas Goose for the family feast.  Our home grown, free ranged Goose will be a great treat. 

Oldesouth Blue Alexa 1*M, *D,+DAR has just freshened with twins.  She is now in the milk string this weekend.  LH Sweet Caroline 1*M,*D,+DAR also freshened with twin bucklings.  One is blue eyed, very nice kids from these two does sired by *B Lost Valley PG Superb *S.  All these bucklings will be *B,*S..  Will get photos and post on our sales website shortly.   Link is listed below:

Two of our cows, Black Beauty and Christy have calved.  Christy calved early the morning of the 23rd and have not had a chance to see if the calf is a bull or a heifer.  Beauty had a dark, chocolate heifer.  So far the bull I had sold has produced 100% heifers .  Wish my bucks were like that.  Need a bull calf to put in the freezer as a steer.

The weather has been rainy, but the temperatures mild.  We are still a bit under normal rain fall for December at 3.85 inches, which is 0.87 an inch below average.  I think we will go over by the end of the month.  Hopefully not by much.  I prefer dry weather.  I still remember the winter of 2009 with a foot of rain in december.  It sucked beyond words! 

The rye grass is growing well, but has a ways to go to be considered grazing.

We will be at the end of another year all to soon.  Again we are Thankful for the good folks we have met and the end of our first year on DHIR.  Out of 20 does who started, 16 have made their stars this year, 14 in all three registries ADGA, AGS, and NDGA.  One doe was a Nubian only registered with ADGA & Annie Oakley made her star through her butter fat in ADGA.

We have a Christmas Eve baby, just one, LTE Chelone "Brat" 1*M,*D,+DAR has kidded a lovely doe by *B Lost Valley PG Superb *S.  Jet black like her mom, with a white star on her head.  Perfict topline, what a little darling.  May have to name her Oldesouth Christmas Cheer.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Oldesouth Girls are doing Great in the Milk Pail!

Received the news today of six more does earning their milking stars with AGS, ADGA and NDGA!  We have our first triple + buck as well! (General photo below) We may be the only triple + buck in the Nigerian History!! We are researching it and want to know if anyone knows of another triple + buck.  NDGA requires the bucks to be 23 inches or less.  The General is a bit under 22 1/2 inches, according to his LA 2011 appraisal.

Our star does are Oldesouth Babette 1*M, *D, +DAR (sister to Oldesouth Blue Alexa 1*M,*D,+DAR), Oldesouth Blue Reba 1*M,*D,+DAR, Oldesouth Alabama Summer 1*M,*D, *DAR, Oldesouth Galloway 1*M,*D, +DAR, Rosasharn GX UDiamond 3*M, 4*D, +DAR, and LTE Silene 1*M, *D,*DAR

+*B Rosasharn MR General B +*S,+DAR  has qualified for his + through his daughters on DHIR milk test in all three registries.  (photo above) .

SG NC Promisedland SIA SunRa has just been dried off along with Oldesouth Cocoa Delight and Oldesouth Belladonna.  They will have their final numbers on lactations early next month and the awards earned.

We are accepting reservations for 2012 Kids.  Our Breeding schedule is at:

Currently Oldesouth Silver Princess, Brush Creek Liz and Promisedland BHP Scandal are on DHIR until everyone freshens again.  Some will freshen the end of December and most will freshen in January.  Next year everyone will be dried up in November and we will be taking a break until February.

We have finally scheduled our Veterinarian to come out and pull blood for our annual CAE & John's testing.  Our schedule and our Vet's schedule have been so crazy.  But he is coming out December 12th for the blood draw and vaccinates my dogs & barn cat.  Philip and his brother Evan will help with catching and holding while Dr Doug draws.  I am the paper work queen and know who everyone is.

We all at Oldesouth Farm wish each and everyone a wonderful Holiday Season, Merry Christmas, and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!