Thursday, March 2, 2017

Long Time Since We Have Blogged.

Sorry it has been such a long time since we have Blogged.  We are messing with Video and have decided to do VLogs instead.  Our channel on YouTube is: Oldesouth Farm This is an example of one of our videos.  Check it out and if you like, comment and subscribe.

We are kidding, getting the garden ready, milking does and getting ready for our annual blood draw.  We will be into our 15th year of testing our Dairy Goat Herd for CAE, Johnes and doing TB and Brucellosis testing.  Plus we want to go to Florida for a 3 ring goat show the middle of March.

Below are photos of the two new Livestock Guardian puppies we picked up in January.  Bri is the Brindle female and the Tank is the tan male.  They are getting big.

Ok got to go and check out our videos.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Year Rolling to an End

Time goes way to fast for me and have not blogged for some time.  I find it a bit easier,once I figure out this editing program to to Vblogs.  So if you are really bored check us out on YouTube.  Oldesouth Farm.  We are also on Face Book at Oldesouth Farm Nigerian Goats.  These sites will be updated more often.  I plan do do an educational series on the Goats with YouTube.  So, check it out.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Oldesouth Farm!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Spring is gone and SUMMER is HERE.

We have attended a couple of shows this spring and are finished until Nationals.  Then we will go to a few favorite fall shows and call it a year.  Next year we plan to go to Florida and enjoy our friends down there.

So far we have finished our buck CH Farm Oldesouth ZV Marquise *B,*S and are waiting for our two does Galloway and Sunshine to kid.  They both need one leg to finish their Championships.

We have received our first load of first cutting Alfalfa from Kentucky and the milkers are enjoying the hay.  We still have some of the old hay to use up as well.  We look forward to getting some 2nd and 3rd cutting in the summer and fall.

Our Farm Oldesouth HR Exquisite won her Grand Champion JR Leg with some tough competition April 28 at Carrollton, Ga.

It is always good to head home after a long haul and a busy weekend showing goat.  The summer is here, it is hot and a ton of things to do and get done.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spring Fling into Kidding and Milking Madness...

Been running full speed through the last 5 months.  Kidding and Milking is in full swing.  Had a chance to hit one show at Carrollton, Ga and was able to finish *B Farm Oldesouth ZV Marquise *S, He earned his last leg and now we have two Champion bucks in the herd, both bred by our farm Oldesouth.  We also had a Grand Champion Jr Doe, a daughter of Magunta, a Buttin Head's doe, sired by our*B Farm Oldesouth VR Honnour*S,  Magunta had two beautiful does, both bred and ready to kid anytime.  I picked the least of the two preggies and she won.

Farm Oldesouth HR Exquisite

CH Farm Oldesouth ZV Marquise *B,*S

We have bottle babies everywhere and hope to get everyone squared away before we take off to the National Show in Harrisburg, PA this July.  We will be selling some very nice does to reduce the herd for the hired folks to come care for them while we are gone.  I am behind on the sales list but email us for inquires.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2015 has been a Great Year!

We are so Thankful for the wonderful year 2015 we have had.  Our small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats improves each year.  Our milking does and new milking yearlings improve a bit in production each year as well.  Our DHIR records, LA scores and Show Wins tells us we are moving in the right direction.

 Looking back we finished Championships on  two does, SGCH Farm Oldesouth SR Cuppuccino 3*M, 3*D and SGCH Farm Oldesouth Diva Diamond 4*M, 5*D.  We also finished our first home grown buck, CH Farm Oldesouth Blue Blanc Sabr.  We also put two Grand Champion Legs of three on two other does and two other bucks.  Our SG Farm Oldesouth Sunshine 2*M, 2*D and  Oldesouth Galloway 2*M, *D are each one Championship leg away from their Championship titles.  Our show season was very busy and rewarding.

SGCH Farm Oldesouth SR Cuppuccino 3*M, 3*D
SGCH Farm Oldesouth Diva Diamond 4*M, 5*D

CH Farm Oldesouth Blue Blanc Sabr

We did Linear Appraisals again this year and were very pleased with the scores we received.  Our Grand Dam, Oldesouth Blue Alexa , 1*M,*D scored 92 EEEE .  Alexa is the dam of SGCH Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M, 2*D and grand dam of our SGCH Farm Oldesouth SR Cappuccino 3*m, 3*D.  Our Oldesouth Galloway 2*M,*D scored 91 EEEE.  We were very pleased with two more does receiving scores of 90 VEEE.  Our lovely SGCH Farm Oldesouth SR Cuppuccino 3*M,3*D and SG Farm Oldesouth Sunshine 2*M, 2*D.  

Our girls have been milking along with their beauty shows.  We still have a test or two to go in order to get our final 305 numbers.  As of our November testing,  SGCH Farm Oldesouth Diva Diamond 4*M,5*D had cranked out 1460 pounds of Milk, 103 pounds of Butter Fat (7%) and  58 pounds of Protein (4%).  I hope she will break the 1500 pound mark.  Diva is ahead of her dam SGCH Rosasharn GX UDiamond 3*M, 4*D who is at the 1200 pound mark and has one or two more tests to go.  SGCH Farm Oldesouth SR Cuppuccino 3*M,3*D gave us 1320 pounds at 300 days, with only 5 days left in her lactation.  She has 112 pounds of butter fat (8.4%) and 56 pounds of protein (4%).  SG Farm Oldesouth Sunshine 2*M, 2*D at 231 days is milking strong with 1030 pounds of milk.  Sunshine kidded quintuplets and we will milk her to her full 305.  One more stand out this year is our SGCH Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M, 2*D who had a C-section and I was going to dry off to help her recover.  She wanted to milk and into the parlor she ran and jumped up onto the stand, stitches and all.  Amber made it to 1000 lbs of milk.  She is bred back to kid to Oldesouth SunRay (Repeat of the breeding which produced Cuppuccino) early February and will be dried off shortly.  

We have a few nice yearlings we are still milking and have just dried off Farm Oldesouth Be Bop Sassy who has qualified for her milk stars and AR in both ADGA and AGS.  Her final numbers will arrive this month. Farm Oldesouth Gold Sapphire has made her AR numbers and milking as far as she can go.  Sapphire missed the LA session we had due to GI upset and missed out on the SG (Superior Genetic) evaluations.  I still beat myself up for loosing Sapphire's identical twin sister Topaz, who was killed in an accident July 21 and would have given her mother, half sister and identical twin a run for their money in milk production.

We had 3 does receive their SG (Superior Genetics) awards calculated in late November, two as yearlings and one two year old.  The yearlings are SG Farm Oldesouth VR Aurora and SG Farm Oldesouth Snow Queen, both kidding late and still milking toward their milk stars.  Our lovely SG Farm Oldesouth M Sun Bright 4*M, 5*D has milked 950 pounds of milk as a two year old second freshener with a month or so to hit her 305.  Last year as a First Freshener I was lazy and did not put her on DHIR until she was 120 days in milk which really hurt her in the over all numbers for that lactation.  I let her dam raise two kids before I was able to fit her into the milk string.  This year she was put on test right away and I bottled her two daughters and her milk potential is strong.  Sun Bright also finished the year with a Reserve Champion Doe win at the Alabama National Fair the end of October. 

SG Farm Oldesouth M Sun Bright 4*M,5*D

Our buck Farm Oldesouth SD Crimson Tide *S was doing very well this year, winning two Grand Champion Legs towards his Championship.  His daughters Topaz, Sapphine and Inspirations were milking well.  His daughter out of Diva Diamond was a keeper for next year's baby yearling milkers (Farm Oldesouth CT Elvira).  Unfortunately we lost Crimson Tide to a sudden illness and grateful we have several lovely daughters and frozen semen.
Farm Oldesouth SD Crimson Tide *S

Loosing Crimson Tide was heart breaking.  But we must move on and we pulled *B Farm Oldesouth ZV Marquise *S out of the buck field to clean up. He is the litter brother to SGCH Farm Oldesouth Diva Diamond 4*M,5*D.  Marquise cleaned up surprisingly well and went on to win two Grand Champion legs toward his championship and LAed 90 VEE!

*B Farm Oldesouth ZV Marquise *S

We also brought home my horse Joe who had been sold a couple of years ago.  The young lady who owned him was attending college for Veterinary Medicine and could not find the time for him.  My son and I went to pick him up and brought him back to the farm.  Joe needed an attitude adjustment or two but is back to being the big dog he is.

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Spring of 2015 has been fantastic

We just finished up our last show for the Spring Show Season.  We will take a break and get back to milking into the Fall.  Then we will hit a couple of favorite fairs.

We are milking several first freshening yearlings and have a couple of them for sale.  We have a few select kids for sale as well.  Contact us for what is available at:

To keep up to date on us daily, check out our farm Face Book Page at Oldesouth Farm Nigerians.  We post our latest wins on Face Book.  Like our page and updates will come automatically.  It is difficult to keep up with the Blog.

I also want to thank everyone for the support and kindness at the shows.  We also want to thank our clients who have purchased goats from us.  Please send us your pictures to publish, I love to see how the Grand Babies are doing.

Friday, January 23, 2015


It has been some time since I have Blogged.  We have not fallen off the face of the earth.  Lots going on and heading into a new level at Oldesouth Farm. We hope you had a great Holiday Season and 2015 is the year of the GOAT!  We have had some time off from milking and the next generation will begin to appear next week.  Back into the saddle and the kidding pens are ready.

We are reworking the milking parlor to milk two does at once and can bring 4 does in, clean them and begin to milk while the other two eat and are washed.  I am trying to speed up the milking process so more does can be milked.  I have 6 yearlings and 3 two year old does I want to fit into the milking string.  Currently I am milking one at a time and it takes an hour and 15 minutes to milk, 15 minutes to clean up.  I have 1 1/2 hours to milk and get to work.  I will get up 1/2 hr earlier to bottle feed.  Everything has to be on a schedule in order to fit it in. We will save a lot of time milking two at once and may work up to milking 30 in the same time frame.  Will see how it all goes.

We have had two yearling does make their milk Stars and Advanced Registry with both ADGA and AGS.

The doe to the left is Farm Oldesouth SD Dessee 3*M AR, 4*D AR.  She is the daughter of Rain-Beau.

This yearling doe is Farm Oldesouth Blessed Angel 4*M AR, 4*D AR, daughter of our lovely SG Oldesouth SR Cuppuccino 3*M AR, 3*D AR.

I like to breed my young does to kid as yearlings and milk them as long as we can stand to.  Then as second fresheners they milk like crazy.

I also feed my milking does for production.  It is much different then just feeding the girls.  I feed the girls on the stand and again when finished milking.  I like the Purina Products. This year we were able to get our hands on some nice Alfalfa and the girls milked double crazy.

Visit and LIKE our Farm Face Book Page at Oldesouth Farm Nigerian Goats.

We will be on Standard DHIR again this year and will LA our herd once more.  We are in the Performance Plus Program with ADGA and on DHIR for both ADGA and AGS.

We are working toward our TB and Brucellosis certification and will begin in March.  The entire herd will be tested.  Then in 2016 the herd will be tested once more and then yearly.  This will allow us to show in most states and not have to get a TB and Brucellosis which only lasts one month each time we head south into Florida.

Our Breeding schedule is posted for 2015 kiddings at our website: