Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer in Alabama

Summer in Sweet Home Alabama always comes with the bloom of Crepe Myrtles, my favorite summer flush of color.  Pinks, reds, purples, whites and shades in between.
It has been sooo HOT, 105 degrees, humidity off the charts.  Wow the weather has been rough here and over a lot of the USA.

The photo to the right is the enclosing of the west side of the barn.  This will protect our hay, which another 450 bales are to arrive next month and 18 large round bales for the cows, Joe and the sheep.

Left is the West side of the barn enclosed.  Just in time for the heat wave.
 Love my Crepe Myrtles...
 Our pasture is very lush this year.

 A close up of our beautiful Alabama grass.  This is Bahia Grass.
 I had sold my one Nubian Ariel and really missed her in the spring.  She would feed all the bottle babies and I could sell my Nigerian Milk at a premium price.  With her gone, I feed the premium milk to my bottle babies.  So, had to get a couple more to fill her shoes.  Welcome Honey and Roxanne.  These two lovely Nubian does are from Sand Rock Acres.  The Nigerian in the back ground, wanting to be involved is Oldesouth Diva Diamond, a UDiamond daughter.

 Little Roxanne is going to the show ring.  She is sired by CH Southern-Leisure Benedict, her dam is SGCH Sand Rock Acres Fannie Dae 10*M.  Should be some milk in this little angel... 
 Had to include a photo of best buddies, Oldesouth Marques Diamond and Gypsey Moon Hemingway.  Two young bucklings growing out and hoping mom gives them some sugar.
The two girls, Baby Back and Pork Chop are growing like crazy on the goat milk and yum yums mom brings them.  They are being free ranged in the pecan orchard and are so happy, clean and are having the best time ever.  They are grazing in this photo.  The good times will be over we think the end of August, depending if they reach about 200 pounds.
 Thought everyone might enjoy seeing my heifers.  This is one of my favorites, Molly.  She is beautiful and hopefully bred to the Angus Bull we had.  She is half Beef Master and very sweet.
 Guess who this is?  Yes, it is Molly as a baby calf.
 This heifer to the right is Cinnamon, another half Beef Master heifer I raised.

 This is Pepper to the right.
This is Pepper and Cinnamon as calves.

I do enjoy the cow girls...