Thursday, October 30, 2008

October is almost over...

Angel (left picture)is still holding out. I let her out of the kidding pen to see if she would go into labor. I was off today and checked her several times. She is still in one piece and huge is an understatement. Angel is bred to the new blue eyed buck I have who has a Brush Creek and Little Tot's Estate in his pedigree. Angel is a half sister to Butter, my best milking doe.

The weather was spectacular today. It was sunny and in the 70s. I cleaned out the kidding pens and lounging area where the goats bed down for the night.

The second picture is Blue with her two blue eyed baby does. They were so cute this morning, I had to take a picture to share with folks. Blue is my super model and cover girl to my Soaps and Lotions. She is my first goat and Nigerian. She is the queen of the Nigerians and bosses around most of the Boers.

I spent most of the day planning, pricing and looking into planting winter grazing. We are looking at a mix of rye, wheat and crimson clover to fix some nitrogen into the pastures. With fertilizer prices being insane, I will not purchase any and have been researching alternatives. The soil samples were good with only a bit of nitrogen recommended.

Enough for now... I need to check on Angel one more time...