Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer is almost over...

It has been a hot, wet summer and we are about ready for fall. The goats are starting to come into heat and the bucks are getting noisy. We have a weaned bottle baby looking for a new home. His name is Little Bit O Honey. He is pictured to the left. He is white with a bit of tan on him head and blue eyed. He is dehorned and wethered (neutered). He is very friendly and will be a bit larger then the Nigerian. Email us at or call at 334-327-9252. He is priced at $60. He will make a great pet and even knows his name.

Above and to the right is the garden and my sweet corn. We did not get a lot, but I was able to can what we did get in spite of the corn worms. We will for sure get the garden in earlier before the really hot and wet weather. The worms were really bad and dust with 7 dust to prevent the corn worms.
I had a second planting of corn, but all the rain ruined it. It got the fungus and did not amount to much more then goat and sheep feed. The livestock enjoyed eating the stalks and what little ears there were. We do have a few water melons about ready and a few green beans that did not get drowned. We are going to add fill to the garden spot or decide where to move it to higher ground.
The picture to the right is of two of my Icelandic ewes with their lambs. Havvah is on the left with her ram lamb sired by The Trump. Sarah is on the right with her lamb ewe also sired by The Trump. The sheep are doing well in spite of all the humidity and rain. These two are very tough parasite resistant ewes as well and pass that onto their lambs.
Alabama summers are brutal and if everyone makes it through June, July and August, the rest of the year is a breeze. The fall and winter in Alabama is great and what we live for. We will be making a trip up to Michigan again this fall and bringing back more Icelandic Sheep and some Icelandic Semen. We also plan to shear the Icelandics the second week of October.
Enough for now...