Sunday, February 6, 2011

Milking the girls...

 We are milking the girls twice a day and I have to show photos of Oldesouth Blue Alexa.  She has a lovely udder and teat placement.  She is very small, under 19 inches and milking around 3 pounds of milk a day.  This is her second freshening.

I want to thank ITok for fixing our blog so we can upload photos once more.  They are a computer company you contract with to take care of your computer.

The picture to the right is another view of Alex's udder. We breed for milk and conformation.  This is an example of what we are shooting for.  The Nigerian Dwarf is a small dairy goat.  Her sister Babette is a taller doe and should be freshening the end of Feb, first part of March.  Both these girls are very nice and Babette being larger, out milks her sister.

We are hip deep in kidding and UDiamond has kidded twin bucks.  She kidded the 28th at 1230 am.  I paid for it at work the next day...  boy was I tired.  I have some pictures, but waiting for better shots a couple of weeks fresh.  We are bottle feeding the kids so we can measure her milk and keep her udder perfect for the show ring.  Both boys are spoken for, will make fantastic herd sires.  UDiamond needs to prove herself in the milk production so the boys will be stared.  Her udder and fore udder are looking fantastic and we hope everything holds together to get her into the show ring.

I am working on individual pages for our does.  I have some done, but want to get them all done before bringing them live to the website.
Above is one more photo of Alexa's lovely udder with 12 hours of milk.

 We have bad news about our Blue.  Her cancer (squamous cell) had come back after treatment and she raised her kids.  We are sad to announce her passing due to the cancer.  She was humanely euthanized.  She had a rectal lesion which had spread to the lymph nodes.  Blue was my first goat and the Cover Girl to our Goat Milk Products.  We miss her and retained two of her daughters, AnnaLynn and her last daughter Blue Ice.

Our last farewell to our beloved Blue pictured about with her last set of triplets...