Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring is in full swing!

Spring is here and we love it.  The weather cool, dry and the grass is growing in the pastures.  We have one more Cheviot to lamb, two Shetlands and seven Icelandics.  It is so nice, we have been letting them lamb on pasture and putting them up overnight to worm mom, ear tag and give BoSe injections.  Then we let them go and everyone is doing great.  The new grass is rich and moms producing plenty of milk for the lambs.  They are all fat and sassy.

The photo to the left is Havvah, an Icelandic ewe.  She had her third set of triplets this year.  Look at her udder.  This is why the Icelandic is used for milk and why thier lambs are so nice and fat.  Some dairy's are using the Icelandic as well and crossing them with other Sheep Dairy Breeds.
 The photo below is Boing and her two ram lambs.  She is a good milker as well and one can see how large the white ram lamb is.  Two very nice rams and both are For Sale on our web site at:

 We went to the Elmore Sheep and Goat Expo March 19th.  We took Boing and her two lambs (above) and Babette with her triplet Fairlea Juan Louie kids.  She is a lovely doe and we will be entering her on DHIR shortly.
The photo to the right is an exhibit with a Jersey Cow and her friend who takes Daisy around to show kids and other folks where milk comes from and does a milking deminstration.  Daisy is a lovely cow and seemed to enjoy the attention of the crowd.

 The grass is green and growing and the ewes with their lambs are thriving...
Boing's Son, a spotted Icelandic ram.

 Valarie's twin ewe lambs, one beautiful spotted ewe and a gray, maybe Gray Mouflon.  The Gray Mouflon is very rare.  Snow man is the sire to this years group of lambs.
Another photo of the future Cover Girl.

I do enjoy the lambs of spring.  This year we have a lot of color and I love the white Icelandic lambs.  Thier fleece is so soft an wonderful.

Enough for now...