Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer is here to stay!

Hot, you bet!  With 105 & 115 heat index almost daily, it really has to get Hot to notice. 
It trys to rain almost daily, but mostly just a lot of Huffing and Puffing kind of Thunder.  I guess it is heat Thunder.  Here and there we get some rain.
The Crape Myrtles are exploding with flowers so heavy they can just hold them up.  They are SO beautiful and my favorite tree.  You can totally neglect them and cut
them down to nothing and they come back like a weed.  No pampering or fertilizer and look at them!

This one is growing on the side of my home.  It is spectacular.

Deep Red Crape Myrtles.
The Crape Myrtle's to the right are pink and white.

My sister and her grown kids came to visit over the Fourth of July Holiday, along with my Son Tim.  We had a great time.  Tim and Mike both had birthdays so we had to have a birthday bash for them as well.  Of course everyone wanted to come to the farm and Mike learned to milk a goat.  We used my Nubian Ariel as the test subject below. 

The Young Folks enjoyed feeding the not so little bottle baby lambs.  Kayla, Mike and Tim are hard at work feeding the greedy little darlings.

 My son Tim is riding Big Man, one of the old horses with my niece Jennifer helping out.  They are pictured to the left.

The Photo to the right is my son Tim riding Big Man.

Another photo of the group feeding the starving little bottle babies.  Micky is looking to see if there is any left for him...

My niece Jennifer has the Love for horses she inherited from me.  It was to bad Joe would not let them catch him.  He is a beautiful horse and rides very well.  I would have got him if they had asked.

So Far the lambs are doing well in the heat and I have to picture a few of my favorites.

 Valarie spotted Icelandic daughter.
 Cover Girl again.

Havvah's Ram lamb, an Icelandic  below.

Of course we will end with THE GRIZZLY.  He is my Jack Russel Terror who is the man of the farm and protector of all...