Monday, October 31, 2011



It has been unusually cold the last week or so of October.  We have had several frosts already and nights in the 30s.  We usually have these temps the end of November.  I have waited to shear the Icelandics, hoping the night temperatures would get back into the 50s.  I do not want to loose any sheep to pneumonia.  If the temps remain, we may have missed the window to shear until spring.

The goats are mostly bred back and my best milkers are drying up before a final show.  Next year we will breed a month to 6 weeks later to avoid this from happening.  We have 4 lambs to be processed and will be making arrangements for them shortly.

Lots to do at the farm, preparing for winter and we are going to need another trailer of hay to make sure we have enough until next spring.  It is the time of the year to pick up hay string and clean up downed branches in the orchard.  We plan on harvesting some pecans as well.  The trees are very old with small pecans.  Holley's True Value will shell them for us.  I have offered pecans to folks who can come and pick them up (for FREE).  Funny how folks do not want to pick them, and then complain about the high prices.  Folks are just to Lazy to bend over and pick them up off the ground.  Some folks just do not appreciate what nature has to offer....