Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We give Thanks this day for all our friends and family.  We at Oldesouth Farm especally would like to Thank our Clients and Customers for making this year a wonderful year!!!  THANK YOU!

Once again the Turkey's are safe.  These are a couple of Royal Palm Turkey's at Oldesouth Farm.  To beautiful to eat, they have paid their way by producing young turkeys to sell.  I do love my beautiful turkeys... 

Had an interesting outing last night when the water well would not work.  Yes, got off work at 830 pm and off to the farm to see what was going on.  All electrical lines & plugs & breakers fine, removed the well house, opened the electrical box, shine the flash light and see a group of ants hanging out at one of the electrical points.  Of course, when playing with electricity, always remember to turn the breakers off.  Getting zapped like the ants is not fun. 

Then I took a nail emery board to scrape the dead bodies melted to the electrical points.  They are attracted to the current (heat) and their remains cause a short, where the two points can no longer connect, stopping the pump from working.  Took about two minutes to clean them out.  Once the breakers were flipped back on, the tank began to fill and we were in business once more.  I guess I need to kill some ants.  Will think about the options to not contaminate the well, but keep them out of the electrical components.

Back to the hospital at 0700 this morning, working the Holiday and will enjoy Turkey Dinner baked by the ladies in our cafeteria.