Thursday, February 2, 2012

January or April?

Our weather has been delightfully mild.  Sixty degrees, up to 70 degrees and mild nights in the 50s.  But with the warmer weather, we also get severe thunder storms and sometimes Tornados.  We have had damage north of us, but thankfully we have been safe.
We have a break in the kidding with 24 new kids on the ground by Superb, Zyvox and The General.  Our Diva UDiamond kidded triplets by Zyvox.  They are two does and a buck!  Two Diva does, we are thrilled.  One is black with white on her face and head, the other two are red with white patches.  They are spectacular. 

The doe to the left is an Angel doe and she is FOR SALE.  Angel is for sale and over seeing her daughter.  Check out our sales site at:
Oldesouth Amber Blue, an Alexa daughter by The General has freshened and is in the milk string.  She is out milking her mom.  Her triplets are sired by Oldesouth Sun Ray, a son of SG NC Promisedland SIA Sunra 3*M,4*D, +DAR.  His kids are long legged and really nice, two does and a buck.  Amber will earn her milking stars with out to much trouble.

Oldesouth Alabama Summer 1*M,*D,*DAR has kidded twin does by Zyvox, one is for sale, the other will be retained.

 Alabama Summer daughter, sired by Zyvox, Sold!

We will be offering several nice does for sale shortly, check our Goat Sales page often. . 

We have 3 nice brood does For Sale.  Little Tot's Estate Chelone (Brat) 1*M,*D, +DAR is For Sale.  We have several of her daughters and need to make room for young stock.  She is trained to the milk stand and has won two Grand Champion Sr Doe awards and as well as Best of Breed.  She LAed at 86 in 2011.  Oldesouth Belladonna *2M,2*D is one of her daughters.  She is also the grandmother to Oldesouth Donna who has one JR leg towards her championship.  Chelone comes from Brush Creek lines. $525.

Also available is Little Tot's Estate Olde Angel (above right).  She is a small white doe with tan spots, sired by CH Buttin' Heads Red Branch Legond *S.  We have her two daughters, Oldesouth Blue Alexa 1*M,*D, +DAR and Oldesouth Babette 1*M,*D, +DAR.  Angel's dam is Little Tot's Estate Jasminum 1*M. $450.

Little Tot's Estate OldeButter is a tall doe, in the standard, sired by MCH/CH/PGCH SM3Pines JurEn's Sweel Foop +B, dam is LTE Jasminum 1*M.  She is the dam to our Oldesouth FLA Amber Blue 1*M,*D, DLT.  $400.  Butter has been exposed to Mr General.

Sired by NC Promisedland S Zyvox*S, his dam is Oldesouth Galloway 1*M,*D,+DAR. (left)  This buckling is stared!
What an eye catcher this young buck is!  He is sired by NC Promisedland S Zyvox *S, his dam is LTE Silene 1*M,*D, *DAR.  He is a stared buck!

This cute boy is sired by +*B Rosasharn MR General B +*D,+DAR.  The dam to this handsome fellow is Oldesouth FLA Amber Blue 1*M,*D, +DLT.  He is triple stared.

*B Oldesouth MRG Admiral *S,*DS

We are reducing our herd to keep more of our specacular young stock.  We have some nice brood does to build your own herd upon, which are proven producers.