Monday, April 16, 2012

Get it Done...

We have been busy as ever, showing, milking and appraisals this weekend.  Yes, we are having a Special Session to get this done.  My does all freshened in Jan and feb and by Sept of this year, would not appraise worth a hoot.  The lovely doe to the left is LTE Pervskia.  Took her almost a year to get pregnant and finally kid to The General, but worth the wait.  Look how lovely she is!

The photo to the right is Perovskia udder from the side and oh yes, she is on DHIR.  Probably not a world record holder for milk, but doing well for a seven year old doe.

This is Perovskia's udder from the rear, not to bad for a middle aged goat!  I clipped her up to see what she looked like and was going to take her to Florida, but tatoos faded and did not have time to retatoo.  Beautiful doe and beautiful kids.  We have decided to retain them for now and see how they grow out.
 This young doe is Alexa's daughter sired by Superb.  She is a lovely young lady and will clip her up and see what she looks like shortly.
 This doe is Blue's last daughter, Oldesouth Blue Ice.  She is striking with the black coat and blue eyes.  She is sired by *B Oldesouth Black Panther *S, bred back to Mr General.  She should be bagging up pretty soon.  A lovely doe.
Faith is pictured to the right, Sugar Moon Faith.  Nice topline and growing into her body, which is a mile long.  She is a mix of Cou Clair and Tog coloring, which is interesting.  She comes from Vermont from SGCH all around. She will be shown this year and bred this fall to a Diamond son.

This pixie faced little gal is out of LTE Silene 1*M, *D, *DAR E90, sired by Oldesouth Shell Foop, a General son.  She is very pregnant, bred back to the General.  We hope to show her as a first freshener or a yearling, depending on when she kids.
Enough for now, need to go milk the girls...