Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May has jetted by...

We have been preparing for a load of hay to be delivered.  It came Memorial day when most of the guys were off for the holiday.  We were able to get it unloaded today.  It was HOT!!!  Usually the heat does not arrive until June.  But that mild winter we had is giving us a hot hot year.

 James is a young man who helps at the farm with the milking and taking care of livestock.  Great Help!
Philip stacking hay on top.

Great helpers and brothers, Philip and Evan.

This is Luke who has come to help hay for a few hours.
This is Levi and he has come to help unload as well.

 It was great to see it all unloaded and stacked so neatly.
The sheep were close by, checking out the excitement and seeing what was going on.  They are all happy and cool now that they have been shorn.  We did that a couple of weeks ago and finished the last 4 a couple of days ago.

Buck profile:
Photos to the left are The General and his son Foop.  Foop is white.  The buck pasture is a great place for the boys to mess around and do guy things...

 The three man guys are CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku, Oldesouth Shell Foop, and +*B Rosasharn MR General B +*S,+DAR
 Oldesouth Shell Foop is a General Son.
Three man guys...

The General, +*B Rosasharn MR General B +*S, +DAR.

That is enough for now folks.  Hope you enjoyed the photos.