Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Favorite Time of Year is HERE ONCE MORE!

We love FALL, cool, dry temperatures, follage beginning to turn... Fall in Sweet Home Alabama is THE BEST!

Oldesouth Babette 1*M, *D, +DLT, sister to Oldesouth Blue Alexa 1*M, *D, +DAR is enjoying the late summer pastures.  This lovely doe is currently in the Honey Moon pen with +*B Rosasharn MR General B +*S, +DAR.

The two pigs, Baby Back and Pork Chop have enjoyed the summer and are now being Hickory Smoked to perfection.  They should be ready next week.

Oldesouth Farm Nigerian Herd Grazing late summer 2012

Alexa is in the photo to the left, sister to above Babette.  She is pregnant, but I do not think she will kid before the fair next week.

The young buck to the right is *B Oldesouth Cheokee Paint *S.  He is the son of Alexa, sired by *B Lost Valley PG Superb *S.  He will be bred to several does this fall. 
We have been blessed with kids sired by CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku*S.  These are triplets, two bucks and a doe out of Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M, 2*D, 2 +DAR (pending).  They were born 9-29-12.  One buck is blue eyed and he will be FOR SALE. 
Our beautiful SGCH NC Promiseland Rain-Beau 2*M AR, 3*D AR had triplets 9-30-12 by CH Gypsy Moon Sudoku *S.  She had two bucks and a doe.  One buck will be offered FOR SALE out of this breeding as well. 
Both Amber and Rain-Beau will be going to the Montgomery Fair.  Rain-Beau will be in the Champion Challenge Class. 
These lovely kids will be bottle fed and very tame.
We have had a lot going on and received our last load of hay.  We should be all set until late next spring for hay.
We will be busy clipping goats and getting everyone ready for the Fall Fair Shows.  We plan on attending the National Alabama Fair and The National Peanut Festival.