Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas all on this Blessed Day.

Today is Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is a rain filled day with severe weather coming in this afternoon and evening.  All will be good, we are Blessed by the birth of Jesus and not worried if he takes us home today or another day.

We are Thankful for a great year as it draws to an end.  Our goats are all pregnant, some fussy and some happy.  Udiamond is huge and Oldesouth Blue Alexa is even larger.  Sunra and Scandal are big bellied and want a bit of bellie rubbing.  Udiamond's daughters will probably kid before their dam, lovely Diva already blessed by the mammary fairy.

Very pregnant mom's with the promise of birth for the future are out in their pastures, sometimes grumpy, mostly being goats.  It is exciting to think and contemplate what the future has in store for these yet to be born, god's little creatures, so precious and wondrous.  I love the kidding season and the wonder of new life.  Each kid holds a promise for the future and wonderful milk, cheese and the great personalities which come from these favorite goats.

Our goal and dream of breeding small goats that milk is coming into the light more each year.  It takes the will and work to accomplish anything worth while.  We have focused exclusively for the last 3 years on production, 2013 will be the fourth year and 3rd year on DHIR.  We are going Standard Test for 2013 so we will be able to be included in the top 10 production lists for ADGA and AGS.  We will submit results to the NDGA as well, but the one day tests seem to be their priority.  Perhaps that will change in the future. 

One day milk tests are a 1/305 of what a doe can or can not do.  A Dairy Goat needs to milk the distance to be a true milk goat in my opinion.  A Dairy making cheese and a living off their goat's milk does not want a goat that milks 6 pounds on one day, then dries up by the time they are 4 months into their lactation.  They need to milk over the long haul and that is where the DHIR tested goats show their worth and superiority.

We have been breeding Nigerians for eight years and just received our annual CAE and Johnes testing results.  We are officially our EIGHTH year of a CAE and Johnes FREE HERD!

This is Fred Demo Showing Oldesouth FLA Amber Blue 1*M,*D, +DAR.  She won first place at the Montgomery Fair in a large class of over 4 year old does.

To the right is our add in the United Caprine News.  The website is www.unitedcaprinenews.comWe are advertising our herd more and highly recommend the interesting articles and latest news the Caprine news has to offer.  It is an all breed Dairy Goat News Publication.  Check it out.

What did we do for Christmas???   My son bought me a 12 gauge shot gun for Christmas.  Yes, I wanted one.  We had to take it out to the farm, into the Pecan Orchard to test it out.

 The aim is very good on this thing... Blew those grapefruit and cans of cheap decaf cola to pieces.

 Tried a Buck Slug, yeah...  Feel it alright... (Ouch!)

Now I am behind the camera...  Oh yeah, caught that can of decaf pop explode....  My son Tim is trying out the 12 gauge...
This took several shots, but caught the smoke of the gun and the shell being ejected after the shot... kinda cool.  Look out pop cans and citrus, we are on the hunt.

Tim is setting up targets to shoot on this fallen Pecan Tree.  What do you do with that Citrus fruit you purchase for the holidays and never eat...  Great target practice.

Final photo of Tim and his Glock Pistol.  We had a great time being safe and testing the fire arms.  We did this on Christmas Eve before the bad weather was scheduled to roll in for Christmas Day.
Be Safe Everyone this Holiday Season and we at Oldesouth Farm send you BEST WISHES and a Better NEW YEAR!