Sunday, May 12, 2013

May is here already!

Wow, what a year!  We have been to Florida and Tenn.  Our weather has been crazy and we have been wearing winter wools and shorts, all in the same week.

Our show at the Forever Goats Show the beginning of April was great.  We finished Sunra's Championship.  She freshened as a 5 year old with triplets.  Waiting for the perfect udder to come in and BOOM, it was there!  Love this doe, have been milking her for 3 years, waiting for the High and Tight udder to show me what she really has.  Sunra has a beautiful udder, but always needed more of it.  With triplets, it was there and wow!

While in Florida, I got a phone call Rain-Beau had kidded and two weeks later Blue Amber had kidded.  SGCH NC Promisedland Rain-Beau 3*M AR, 2*D AR is a once in a life time doe.  She is the sweetest doe on the planet, behind Sunra, who is the absolute sweetest doe, and she demands special attention.  Rain-Beau had a buck and doe kids, both retained, by my buck *B Farm Oldesouth Cherokee Paint *S, *DS.  Cherokee is a small buck, his dam has an excellent udder and he is long, sired by *B Lost Valley PG Superb *S.  Milk production on both sides, conformation and a bit of decrease in size for the kids.

In Florida, we received many firsts and other placings, the Grand Champion is what is important, followed by the Reserve Grand Champion and Best of Breed.. Etc.  Sunra won one Reserve and Two Grands, finishing her ADGA championship.  She also received two legs for AGS.  Upon closer examination, Sunra is one leg from AGS, her first leg was not dual sanctioned.  Oldesouth Sunshine won a Reserve Championship due to her lovely udder as a second freshener.

Our Buck Farm Oldesouth Blue Blanc Sabr, Sunshine's Brother won Grand Champion and two reserves.  This is his first leg toward his championship as a two year old.

Then we went to Tenn to a show in Lebanon, Music City Classic.  Excellent show, even though it was cold and rained the whole time.  Had to bundle up goats to keep them warm and comfortable.  Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M, 2*D, 2+DAR won first place as a 3 year old and Farm Oldesouth Sunshine won her 2 year old class.  They did not make the Grand or Reserve, then Rain-Beau entered the ring as the Champion Challenge.  She won Best of Breed in both rings.

We brought the milking machine and milked Rain-Beau out, ready for the Best in Show.  We had to wait while a gal was milking, by hand one of the larger goats.  Rain-Beau strutted her stuff and was given Best in Show in both rings!!!  Wow, what a day.  Both judges told me to take her to nationals.  Nationals are in Minnesota...  Are you crazy!!!  Put in for the time off and we will see what happens.  This story may be short or perhaps will be history in the making....

I had a copy of the 2010 Nationals and actually watched it on video... Yeah...  Rain-Beau was there, over conditioned, but beautiful as a four year old.  She placed 5th out of 20,  a diamond in the rough.  We will see what plan faith has for us and go with the flow....