Monday, June 16, 2014

June already...

It is already mid Jun and time flies by...  We have been hip deep in bottle babies and reducing the herd a bit to really focus on the lovely ladies we have.  Rain-Beau has freshened, Galloway and Cappuccino daughter Blessed Angel.  We have some competition this year.  Could not make the Show in LA, due to everyone going into labor.  All is good, and we will see how the girls do at Nationals in July.

We have our hay bought, have sold the Turkeys and most of the chickens.  The donkeys are spoken for and the Deer Folks will begin to purchase milk shortly.  Sales of the two calves have paid for the hay and it is nice when the farm pays for itself.

We still have some nice young does from some first fresheners which are priced lower until they make their milk stars and have show wins.  Call us at 334-327-9252 to inquire about some nice baby doelings I have not had a chance to post on our site.