Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spring Fling into Kidding and Milking Madness...

Been running full speed through the last 5 months.  Kidding and Milking is in full swing.  Had a chance to hit one show at Carrollton, Ga and was able to finish *B Farm Oldesouth ZV Marquise *S, He earned his last leg and now we have two Champion bucks in the herd, both bred by our farm Oldesouth.  We also had a Grand Champion Jr Doe, a daughter of Magunta, a Buttin Head's doe, sired by our*B Farm Oldesouth VR Honnour*S,  Magunta had two beautiful does, both bred and ready to kid anytime.  I picked the least of the two preggies and she won.

Farm Oldesouth HR Exquisite

CH Farm Oldesouth ZV Marquise *B,*S

We have bottle babies everywhere and hope to get everyone squared away before we take off to the National Show in Harrisburg, PA this July.  We will be selling some very nice does to reduce the herd for the hired folks to come care for them while we are gone.  I am behind on the sales list but email us for inquires.