Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone...

Happy Easter and what a beautiful day we had today. It was sunny, not to hot and we had a lovely breeze. We spent the late morning moving goats, ewes and rams to new pastures. By rotating pastures we keep the parasites down and give the pastures time to recover. It is a lovely site to see the livestock neck deep in new pasture.

The pictures above and to the left are of Sarah and her baby ewe lamb. She is a lovely chocolate color, which is referred to as Moorit. She is sired by The Trump. The picture above and to the right is Havvah's son, sired by The Trump as well. He is a rich Moorit and is nice and wide and long.

The grass has grown beautifully and we are backing off on the feed. We will keep an eye on everyone and supplement accordingly. With the abundant pasture, little to no extra feed is needed. The ewes are down right fat, so we have stopped feeding them and just checking them daily to see how they are holding their weight. The moms with twins are being monitored the closest.

The picture of the white ram on the left, above are of Havvah's triplet son from last year, Ultram. He has the widest set of horns I have seen on an Icelandic. He is almost a year old and For Sale. The picture to the right and above is The Trump. His horns are magnificent and he is just about two years old. His horns have grown quite a bit over the winter. I had to share these two with you as I admired their grand style and beauty. The Icelandics are beautiful sheep.
The rest of the afternoon was spent with family and friends celebrating the Easter Holiday. Enough for now...