Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring continues through a new eye...

I am so excited.  I have worn out two Olympus digital cameras and when my sister came to visit from Texas, noticed the great photo's her camera took.  Wow, the clarity of the kids (human) playing was fantastic.  It was a Nikon D60 camera.  My Nikon was delivered Tuesday and the on line site at Nikon has instruction and video demonstrations for the cameras.  I am ready to shoot by the time the Camera arrives.  It is a Nikon D3000.  It is in a kit and has the 55-200mm zoom lens as well.  The picture to the left is Blake (nubian buck) looking at me looking at him.  Look how clear the photo is.

Wow...  no delay in the picture snap or blurry baby goat pictures.  Look at the baby blue eyed Nigerian to the right.

I want to revamp the web site and get some good udder shots of my dairy goats.  I really want to get some nice lamb shots playing in the field.  The zoom lens should work great for that as well as the faster shutter speed.  I am not a pro photographer, but have learned a bit over the years.  My son Tim when he raced bicycles was a great challenge.  My 45mm Cannon took great pictures, but it uses film, which as we all know is so expensive to process and put on a disk for editing.  Not only that, only 20% of the shots are worth keeping, no matter how good you are.

Action shots look great too.  Below is Thundersnow's daughter sired by Mr General.
We plan on milking a couple of Icelandic Sheep as well this spring to make some Sheep Milk Soap.  We will use it with our Goat Milk Soap formula and compare the two.  Have to include a picture of The Trump, one of our Icelandic Rams.  His horns are spectacular.  This photo was taken in the shade of one of the Pecan trees.

We have some nice Nigerian Dwarf Kids For Sale and a couple of adults as well.  We are reducing the herd a bit to allow us room to keep more young stock.  Check out the Goat Sales Page to see what is available.  The new camera will help catch some better pictures to give everyone a better idea of what we have to offer.  Goats and kids are tough to photograph.  Look at blue eyed Dawn to the left.  She is a bit pregnant.  She is For Sale, bred to Mr. General.

Ultram is shown with his beautiful hornset.  He is a two year old Icelandic ram.  He is shown after shearing.

The ewe below is Mini Long Tail.  I love the way the photo's are turning out.
The photo below is of my horse, Joe.  He is a quarter horse from a cutting horse background.  He will be 5 this June and is a big beautiful, sweet gelding.

We can not forget a picture of Brutus.  He is our bull and he sure has filled out.  We will see his first calves next January.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the photos and we will be working on updating our farm website with new and better photography.