Thursday, May 20, 2010

The summer is coming to fast...

It has warmed up to quickly.  Today it will be in the high 80s to 90 with high humidity.  Yesterday I was off and clipped up 3 Nigerian does I plan to show in a couple of weeks in Georgia.  Galloway, a young doe, sired by Mr General really stands out in the group.  She was dam raised, out of Oldesouth Annie Oakley and not as friendly as I would like, but Wow, she is nice.  We named her Galloway because she is belted like a Belted Galloway cow.

We are taking Mr General and a young buck sired by Mr General out of Thundersnow.  I had planned on taking Black Panther, a son of Brat, but he is to hard to handle right now and needs more training and taming.  He is a brat boy to say the least.  We really need to bottle feed all our kids and this would not be a problem.  The time factor really limits who we can bottle feed.  Some goats, even though dam raised just decide to be tame.  Thundersnows kids are that way and even her grand daughter has decided to be tame.  Sometimes it depends on the dam and how tame she is, other times, who knows.  I have had a couple of bottle babies who grew up to be not tame, so go figure... Flash was a bottle buck who never was real tame and Blake, a nubian was the same way.  But most of the time, the bottle babies are very tame and a down right pain in the neck.

Oldesouth Alexa has really turned out nice and her daughter by Mr General is very nice as well.  I clipped Alexa, Galloway and UDiamond yesterday to see what they looked like under the fur.  Wow, Alexa is nice for a yearling.  Her sister Babette is really nice as well, but not as friendly.  She may be better then Alexa, just stand offish.  I choose the easier to handle goats and went with Alexa.  We will work with Babette for later down the road and Babette's  daughter is for sale on the website:

The picture to the right is Alexa and her daughter
by Mr General.  His signature is his topline and width of body.  Mr General is line bred on Eclipse who is a fantastic doe.  We had Mr General flown in from up
north almost 2 years ago as a kid.  His first kids will
be freshening hopefully this fall.

The picture to the left is of Alexa's daughter by Mr General.  She is blue eyed like her mom with a beautiful front and lovely wide rear.  He has produced some really nice kids.  I have had a hard time parting with any of them.
I have to show everyone a picture of my PIA dog, Grizzly II.  I had Grizzly I, also a Jack Russel for 8 years before he decided to get himself killed by not lisening...  Something Jack Russels have a hard time doing.  Grizzly II is no different and I am surprized he has lived this long.  I think he will be 3 years this August.  The cute factor goes a long ways with dogs.  He is cute and is good with cats, goats, sheep and even chickens.  He has raised countless baby goats and a lamb.  He was raised with a cat and even though some folks say Jack Russels can not be trained to not kill, he is the exception.  My Grizzly I was good as well and I have taken the time to train him from a pup to leave things alone and not chase chickens or cats, etc...  Both my
Jacks have been great family dogs and can even herd to some extent.

Grizzly II is short legged, has all his teeth and has been a good natured little guy.  We do offer him for stud on occation to select females for $250.  We do not breed the short legged Jacks, but Grizzly II does sire pups on occation.  We are looking for a nice female Jack of quality and good disposition for the future.  Let us know of possible canidates...