Friday, March 13, 2009


WOW! I had not realized it has been some time since blogging! We have been working hard to get ready for the EXPO in Wetumpka. The address is 340 Queen Ann Rd at the Elmore County AG Center. We will be taking Icelandic Sheep, a Mini Cheviot with a lamb, a Nubian with her kids and of course a couple of Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Stop by and say Hi, I will be doing a spinning demonstration and maybe a goat milking demo. Raisin, my Nubian is nursing two baby does, so will not milk a bunch of milk, but leave it for the babies. We will see what the interest is to see a milking demo.

We will be offering Icelandic Roving and Cheviot Lamb Roving for the hand spinner, just back from the mill. I have to compliment Zeilinger Wool Co in Frankenmuth, Michigan for getting us our wool on time for this event. They were great and did a wonderful job. Their website is:

We will be bringing some Goat Milk Soap and Lotion to offer as well. There will be free food and a bunch of seminars and demonstrations for folks to see what farming is all about. A meat goat show for kids will be in the afternoon, which will be great to get kids involved in 4-H. The best part is all the activities are inside, so RAIN or Shine, no problem...

Come on out and say Hi, my name is Terry and my friend, Mr. Paul will be there as well. You will not miss Mr. Paul, he is 6 foot 7 with a white beard. He is easy to spot in a crowd.

Oh, a quick note to let folks know I have just purchased a few Shetland Sheep. We picked them up in North Alabama a couple of weeks ago. They were in rough shape and had not been sheared in two years. The gal that owned them seemed a bit out of touch with reality, so I did not fuss at their condition. We hauled them home, wormed and began to slowly grain them. Two of the 3 ewes are pregnant, showing signs of bagging up. One was really thin and loosing her jet black wool. I gave her B complex and Vit A,D, E, BoSe and wormed her. All are doing well so far and are in isolation at a friends farm. I isolate all new comers for at least a month to make sure no disease comes into my flock. It took two shearings to get all the matted, nappy wool off the tiny little sheep and see what was really under there. The wool went right into the trash can and the little sheep perked up greatly after removing some 8 pounds of filth.

I will have before and after pictures of the 3 little girls once I get them squared away and looking decent. I am excited about these fine wooled little sheep. I would like to blend their wool with the Icelandic wool as well as pure Shetland Roving. Shetland sheep look like Mini Icelandics and have fine wool, where Icelandics have a mix of fine and medium. The Shetlands are short tailed and do not require docking like the Icelandics.

Anyway, got to go and finish getting ready for Saturday...