Friday, March 27, 2009

Round two, waiting for round three...

Rain and more rain today. We have received at least 3 more inches and all the feed dishes were overflowing with water. My rain gage was broken and disappeared once Joe, my quarter horse discovered it. The rain has left the goat buildings flooded all around and into the buildings. Only the high spots are dry.

The water came into the storage area where we store feed, upper right photo. We have 3 inches in the feed room and have stacked pallets to get the feed higher. Everything is a muddy, wet mess.

Yesterday, my friend, Mr Paul got his truck stuck when we went to feed and check on everyone. The truck is pictured below and Mr Paul had to walk to the end of the pasture to get the tractor to pull the truck out. He is pictured to the right.

A week ago we received 5 inches of rain and the ground had just barely dried before this next group of storms. It has rained all night and then clears up during the day to repeat the same for the last three days.
Tonight is round three of this saga. We are to get the worst tonight. I think we have received at least 7 inches of rain so far. We are on sandy loam and it usually soaks the water up with out a problem. The ground is now saturated. The forecast is for severe weather tonight with possible hail and tornado's. Hopefully it will not be as bad as they predict.
We will let you know how we fair through it all after Friday night and Saturday morning. It will take several weeks for us to dry out after all this rain. We will blog more later as the storm passes.