Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Shetland Lamb

The pictures above are of the new black, Shetland ram lamb and his mom. We have had the ewes for a couple of weeks and tried to get most of the awful fleece off of them. They are still thin, but have put on weight in the couple of weeks we have had them. This ewe was a bottle baby and very friendly. The little black lamb is a sweet boy as well and enjoys being picked up and handled.

Even little Scruffy in the picture to the right, the black ewe is improving and putting on weight. She was in the worst shape of the three ewes. She is a yearling and younger then the other two Shetland ewes.
The pictures below are of Madeline and Boing. Madeline is the Cheviot and Boing is an Icelandic yearling ewe. We call her Boing because she bounces around the field like a spring. She rushes one when feeding, leaping into the bucket and ends up hooking her horn on the bucket handle, trying to get her head in the feed bucket. That is how I caught her the morning of the Expo. I talked Gary into shearing both Madeline and Boing before we left the Expo. One can see how small Madeline really is, once all that wool is off. Boing is a lovely yearling Icelandic ewe and yielded a lovely silver and black fleece. Once can see the difference in the condition of my ewes and the new ewes. Madeline is on the left below and Boing is on the right with the hornes. I think Boing may be pregnant as well.

The picture to the right is Boing in the back, Madeline to the right and her ram lamb. He is growing like a weed and is a beautiful little Mini Cheviot ram. He is For Sale.
Madeline's raw fleece is For Sale for $15 and Boing's maybe. I had a buyer for the Icelandic Fleece, but now it seems up in the air. Will let everyone know by the end of the week, what is up. I will have them skirted, weighed and the Icelandic fleece priced by then.
We have Icelandic and Cheviot roving for sale on our web site on the Wool Products page. Check it out at: www.oldesouth.citymax.com.
I will be shearing Havvah and Sarah before the week is out. They will be lambing shortly and need to get the wool off. I chatted with Gary about some problems I was having with my clippers. I am going to try using some mobile one oil and adjusting my shears a bit differently. I shear on a stand, because my back is not the greatest. I still get a good cut because my sheep only have wool on their bodies. That is why I choose breeds without wool on their legs and faces. After showing goats and shearing legs and faces, what a pain. Legs are the worst. I made sure I choose breeds of sheep without wool on legs and face and not much on the bellies. All that wool is not good wool anyway and makes for a lot less work.
Enough for now...