Monday, May 4, 2009

We are done SHEARING!!!

We are finally finished shearing. Gary showed me a nice technique on the stand and away I went. No need to wait for a professional. By the time we were finished, I had it down. I can shear quickly and without a nick as well. The stand is more comfortable for me and the sheep. It takes some practice, but now they are coming out nice and smooth. Takes a bit of practice to get the shears just right and the tension correct on the blades. I find that Mobile one oil is better then the clipper oil. I put clipper oil inside the shears and use a bit of Mobile one on the blades. The synthetic oil seems to stay longer and keep things cooler.
The ewe above and to the left is SnowFlake, a yearling Icelandic. The ewe to the right is Havvah's triplet yearling daughter Ulani. Both sheared very smoothly and will have lovely fleece this fall.

The picture to the left is Uma and her black ewe lamb sired by The Trump. Uma was sheared after lambing and is the other yearling triplet daughter of Havvah. Uma lambed without assistance and taking great care of her little ewe.
We have two more yearlings to lamb and lambing will be done until next spring. Thundersnow's daughter, Madonna had a baby doe sired by Buddy. I will have a picture of them shortly.
It has been hot and the humidity high. Last night we received a good 3 inches of rain, which made for a muddy Monday. We will need to rethink the entrance to the barn yard. Apparently the water from the field is channeling down the drive way into our barn yard making it a lake every time it rains. We will need to bring in some gravel to build up the area from compression by our vehicles. It is annoying to have a lake and wade through 3 inches of water to get to the buildings and animal areas.
We have a couple of Cheviot Fleece and some Icelandic that could be felted if anyone is interested. Most of the Fleece off the Icelandics who did not get sheared last fall was felted. I sheared it off like a rug and will attempt to felt several together and see what kind of rug I can make. If it does not turn out, the dog will have a nice wool rug to lay on. I am totally prepared to shear the entire herd myself this fall in October. I will not loose that lovely fleece again and will not waste my time trying to get a professional to come shear them.
Everyone take care...