Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December is flying by quickly...

It has been a fast couple of weeks. Below left is my new Border Collie Jake. We went to Portland, Tenn. to get him. He is an older dog, but a good one. He is 6 years and has worked cattle most of his life. The trainer worked sheep with him and put a better stop on him. He actually worked for me at the trainers and we are currently bonding. Jake did put some sheep up for me the day after I got him. He listens well, but could improve. So, we do not go to the stock for a couple of weeks and just bond. He also needs a bath and brush out big time. He was pretty smelly when we picked him up.

I traded Terra for him because Terra did not want to herd the goats. I think she was hit by one and decided they were to tough for her. Terra had no problem with cattle and is now on a dairy Cattle farm in Rhode Island. I had also spoiled her by allowing her into the house and playing fetch, which she loved. I hear the farmer's wife has been letting her in the house... Imagine that... Terra has a good home, she is probably sitting on the couch watching TV and eating pop corn.

Working dogs must be treated as working dogs and not turned into pets. Hopefully I have learned my lesson and Jake won't be ruined. He will be my main man and buddy, just not a pet.

We have received a lot of rain and things are very wet. The rain has delayed our putting in water lines and the deadline to get them in is quickly approaching. We maybe out there Christmas Day and for sure the day after to get this done.

The farm has an address now, took almost 3 weeks though. First it was out of one district and had to go to the post office. Well, they finally decided to put the address on the main road because they are to lazy to drive down the small road to the property, even though it is paved most of the way. Their excuse was, there was no where to turn around. The large city dump truck and trailer comes down the road once a week to pick up trash and turns around with out a problem. There is a couple of acres to turn around and it is sandy soil, so no worries about mud or getting stuck where the road ends. So the mail box is two houses down the road and about an eighth of a mile from the actual farm. Go figure...

I have a wonderful group of neighbors who keep an eye on the farm for me. The farm is about 1 1/2 miles from my home. Once I sell my home, I will build another home on the farm and move there. They call me if Thor, one of my guardian dogs get out. He has been a pain lately and with the rain and soft ground has dug under the gate. We had to put down cement and cement blocks to keep him from digging. If he continues to be bad, he will be neutered and will find a new home. He is a beautiful dog, that is why he is not fixed yet. One of my dogs has bad hips and will need to be replaced in a year or so. I have a lovely female named Susie and hope to get pups next year and keep a couple to replace Bear and maybe Thor.

One of my great neighbors built the hay feeder pictured above for me. It opens up to put in the hay and has a roof to protect the hay and is the perfect height to keep hay out of sheep fleece. This feeder was taken over by the goats. He will make me 2 more, so the sheep will get one as well.

Bad dog Thor is pictured at the left, just looking for trouble. He is very friendly, but hates a lead and gives us a rodeo when we take him to the vet. He is about a year and a half.

Susie is pictured below and to the right. She is eating something when her picture was taken. She is a lovely Badger faced Great Pyrenees. Thor is a Pyrenees as well.

We have had a good year so far and are thankful. We would like to wish all our clients a Merry Christmas and an even better New Year!
You'all take care now...