Sunday, December 21, 2008

Water lines going into the ground...

Thankfully we have had some nice weather to work on the water lines this week and rented a Ditch Witch to dig the trench. The Witch was a bit of a witch and did not want to start and the pull thing broke, but I took it back to Tri County Rental in Selma and they fixed her and all went well.

My friend Mr. Paul has been helping me out at the farm and is shown left running the Ditch Witch off of our well. We trenched for water lines to the buildings and out to distant pastures. We will be doing cross fencing next year.

Mr Neil, (below right) a good friend of Mr Paul helped with the plumbing as well. It is good to have knowledgeable friends who can help out and are willing to lend a hand.

I really appreciated all their efforts and we now have 7 new water outlets. We still need to put down Geo textile fabric and crushed rock before setting down water troughs. I have the fabric, a super fabric made to last and keep an area from getting to muddy when livestock water. It will hold the rock in place as well.

The picture on the left is the trench going out to the far pasture, past the sheds and past the buck shed. The water lines are laid out before cleaning and gluing . The goats watched us work and on occasion tried their best to fall into the trench and be general pains in the neck. Goats can not leave things alone. They are very curious and mess with everything. My dogs steal things and will run off with tools and equipment, especially gloves.
But even with the sabotage, we were able to finish the job without to many headaches. We will order the rock Monday and hopefully after Christmas finish the job. We have a cost share program set up with the USDA to install the well and water lines. We have an end of the year deadline and must get a cracking.
If I do not get to make another post before Christmas, I want to wish everyone a wonderful and Joyful Christmas. Oh, Athena is over her mastitis and doing well. I have had some emails asking about her. I hope to rebred her to The Rock once she recovers from the quints.
Take care y'all...