Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Cold is getting old...

We are getting a bit tired of the cold and sure hope for a warm up soon. We did have a couple of days of warmth, with rain. Then back to the cold. This cold, warm, cold weather gets some of the baby goats sick and we have to treat for the snotty noses. Sometimes when I send babies to their new owners, I will send antibiotics just in case they start getting sick. Goats are susceptible to shipping fever, which usually looks like a cold with the runny, snotty noses. This can happen to any goat, regardless of age. It is always best to plan and look for this, so as to treat quickly and avoid future problems.

This week has been very busy with cross fencing and power coming to the farm. Every morning has had thick frost. The fence company did our cross fencing in 3 days. The above picture is some of the new fence. The frost has been heavy every morning and the men worked hard in the cold to finish the job.

The picture to the left is the machine used to drive the wooden posts into the ground. They did a great job and we should never have to replace the fence in our life time. It was expensive, but worth it.

We were delighted when Alabama Power showed up to put in posts and run our power lines. Our property is dryer then the farm next to us, so they put up our wire and will hook us up when they can get into the field on the other side of our property line. So, it will be up to the weather when we are actually turned on.
The pictures below are of the crew and nice young man who did the work for us. We really appreciate all the work everyone has done to make our dream come true and our farm progress into the future.

Once the power is on, an electrician will come in and wire the barns and well. We will then be able to hook up automatic waters to the troughs. This will save a lot of time and labor keeping everyone watered and the farm running smoothly. The lights will save me from having to shine truck lights into the barn at 6 am to feed. Milking will be much easier with power as well.
The farm is progressing slowly but surely. We hope to put up a pole barn next year, but for now we will make due with the sheds we have and make improvements as we can afford them.
I want to thank all of our Clients who have purchased goats and we are here to help everyone when they need it. It is really rewarding to see people enjoy their goats like I do. I can still remember my first goats and how excited I was with them. I still feel the excitement with each new kidding and never get tired of spending time with them. It is rewarding to see the flock come a running when they see your truck approaching and holler a welcome, come feed us... It is all worth while to see others enjoy what I enjoy. The fresh wonderful goat milk is worth the effort as well. There is nothing as good as ice cold fresh raw goat milk.
You all take care now and more later...