Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We made it to 2009! We finished the water lines and put in the troughs. It is cold this morning, 28 degrees! That is cold for the south. I have been waiting for it to warm before heading to the farm. Have been doing registration paperwork for some goats and sheep.

The picture on the left is from 2006, the first time I laid eyes on Thunder Snow. I took this photo at a show in Georgia. I think she took reserve that day, but do not remember. She caught my eye and I just had to have her.

Snow is a Nigerian Dwarf. She just turned 8 years old in December and still has an udder to die for. It took some time to convince her owner to sell her to me. I was able to purchase her May 07. I was blessed with triplet does sired by a Rosasharn buck. I kept two of her daughters and have a daughter sired by Bubba by her. She is currently pregnant with kids sired by Bubba's son, Oldesouth Loud Politician, out of my Brush Creek doe Brat. Snow is the sweetest little milk goat one could possibly imagine. She has big brown eyes and long eye lashes, like a puppy. She also has a lady beard which would make a buck jealous. For a show, the lady beard would have to go, but she is retired now and I think her lady beard is cute (pictured below and to the right with her daughter sired by Bubba).

This little doe has produced many kids and is a foundation dam of the Nigerian Breed.

Since the cold weather is upon us, I will be doing future blogs about wool and focus on my Icelandic Sheep. But today, enjoy the holiday and more later...