Sunday, January 11, 2009

Icelandic Sheep continued...

We had sent off to a tannery in Penn. a couple of pelts to see how they turned out.

The pelt on the left is a badger faced ram lamb.
We were very pleased with the beautiful pelts and will offer them for sale at the March 14th Goat and Sheep event being planned in Wetumpka.

The event will include sheep and I will bring an Icelandic or two. We will have some sheep shearing and have Angora rabbit fleece, some Mohair from the Angora Goat, some Cheviot lamb Fleece and of course Icelandic Sheep roving hopefully will be back in time for the March 14th show.

The event will also have a youth only goat show for wethers and commercial does. It is open to all age kids. I believe it will be a meat goat show. When I get more details, I will post it on the blog. We will also have a goat meat cook off. I plan on entering a dish with Goat Sausage and a dish with Goat Chops. There will be hot dogs and other food as well. If I remember correctly, after the winner is announced, the goat dishes will be offered for tasting by the public. YUM!!

The pelt on the right is a gray moorit ewe. She had a lot of color in her fleece. Both these sheep died of natural causes and were not slaughtered.

On occasion if I loose one of my sheep and they have a really nice pelt, I will remove it to have it processed. This is an easy way for people to see and feel the wool of these beautiful sheep without stressing the live animals. It was unfortunate we lost these two sheep, but saved a small part of them.

It has been a good day to catch up on paperwork and stay in the warm house. It was in the 40s when I fed today. I wormed a bunch of babies and put purple yarn around Brat's doeling's necks. Both Brat, and her two daughters have kids so similar and all are does, it is difficult to tell them apart. I marked the kids with an orange paint stick to keep track of who was treated and who I need to catch and treat. I have about 6 more little stinkers to catch and worm. I also need to put some yarn on Onyx's kids. I will then know who is who when it come time for registration. I am looking into purchasing some really small ear tags, but still have not found ones small enough to suit me and not cause to much stress to the small goats. They must be small and not big and ugly. Tattoos seem to fade and are hard to read sometimes. The goats will be tattooed because it is required to register, but If I can find a small tag, will make identification so much easier.

Enough for now...