Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Babies are here!

Angel has finally kidded. The little bundles of joy arrived 11-10-08. She had two baby does, one looking just like mom and the other a buckskin with blue eyes. Momma and kids are doing well with no problems. Angel is a half sister to Butter, my best milker (same mom) and has a really nice udder this kidding.

Silver Queen, daughter of Thundersnow, also kidded last night. She had two beautiful kids, both buck skin, a buck and doe, the doe is very colorful. This is her first kidding and she did a fantastic job without assistance. Queenie and babies are doing well. This young doe is built like her mom Thundersnow and has a beautiful udder like her mom as well. I hope to have udder shots posted on the website when we can. These little goats milk like crazy and I breed for milking ability in my herd. These small dairy goats are the Jersey's of the goat world.
I will post better pictures as I get them. Onyx and Athena are the next two to go shortly in my estimation. We have about 15 more does to kid this season.
Got to go for now....