Saturday, November 8, 2008

November Indian Summer in Alabama

Angel (right photo), a Nigerian Dwarf Doe is still holding out. STILL NO BABIES! I think she likes the attention and is holding out on purpose sometimes. She looks like she is going to burst. She is back in the kidding pen awaiting the long awaited kidding. Putting a buck with the herd, the exact breeding dates are unknown. Angel is bagged up and ready to go, but is taking her time.

We are starting to get some fall foliage color here in Alabama and the weather is in the 70s. As I keep repeating, beautiful as ever. We came up with the "Sweet Home Alabama" phrase due to our lovely fall, winter and spring weather. One cool morning I came up to the barn and snapped a picture of the Icelandics coming up from night grazing in the early morning fog (below). It was spectacular and I have to share it with you. I need to finish shearing the Icelandics, but have been waiting for a few days warming trend, so as not to shock the sheep to severely.

The buck I sent to Reed's has come back. The sausage is wonderful. It tastes like Kielbasa with a spicy twang. Goat sausage is wonderful and I highly recommend trying it sometime. Of course there are many ways to make sausage and each has its own unique flavor.

I will add baby pictures as the kids are born. Take care...