Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mo, one of my 100% Boer Does kidded yesterday morning with triplets, two does and a buck. The kids are half Nigerian. I have tried for 4 kiddings to get does from this older doe and the does kids were either dead or did not get the sack off their heads. I decided to try crossing with a Nigerian and was thrilled to get two big, beautiful and alive doelings out of her.

Yesterday evening when I went to check on everyone, Conan's daughter had kidded a single buckling Nigerian Cross.

Today is Thanksgiving and I give thanks for a very good kidding season and a beautiful day, as well as good health and a blessed year in general.

Aphrodite daughter (100% Boer) kidded on Thanksgiving with two lovely doe Nigerian crosses. (I lost Aphrodite this spring to mastitis). The Nigerian crosses are so strong and stand within minutes of being born. I like to breed my young does to a Nigerian buck so I do not have to worry about kidding problems with the small kids.

We are still waiting on Daisy, a Nubian to kid. She must have been bred later by the Nigerian Buck. She will have mini Nubians, which are quite popular. She is bagged up and ready to go, but taking her time as Angel did.

My son Tim came up from Fort Walton, Florida for Thanksgiving. His picture is below. He comes and helps me on occasion with the farm and
with what ever needs to be done. He is a big help and a good kid.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and God Bless.