Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And More Babies....

Today has been a day for the record books. It was 26 degrees on my thermometer and officially 24 degrees. It has been unseasonably cold the last several days. I guess the cold just gets the girls to say... Lets have our babies..
We had 4 does kid with 9 new kids. Even in the cold weather, the Nigerians just kid away... I came in this morning and just gathered up babies and moms to put them into kidding areas so mom and kids can bond and be by themselves. Some does do well with other does, like mom and daughter, so I but them together with their kids.
Wow and Oh Boy! Yes, Eve, Sugar, Daisy baby and Butter kidded today. Butter usually has quads, but I will not complain about her triplets today, two does, one blue eyed and a buck. Her picture with kids is below.

Eve's baby boys are pictured on the left. Both are blue eyed. They have a 25% chance of being homozygous for blue eyes. Sugar on the right had two bucks and both are blue eyed. One is pictured here. The other one was very small and weak and is my next bottle baby. He is black, white and a bit of tan with a white belt and of course blue eyes. He was so small, his brother just rolled him aside. So we have decided he is to be this fall's bottle baby and we have named him "Little Bit". I will have pictures of him later.
Butter held out and was out in the Pecan Orchard most of the day. I checked on her at noon and she was still in one piece. I checked her again at 3 pm and she had kidded her triplets, pictured below. I carried the babies to the barn and had to chase Butter around for a bit before capturing her to take to the kids. She is tame, but wanted to be a bit hard headed today.
Anyway, everyone is well and more later....