Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am posting pictures of Brat's Triplet does to the left. One is blue eyed the other two are brown eyed.

Yes, the picture on the right is their dad, "Buddy". He is a young buck I bought last fall as a bottle baby. He is pesky like Bubba and it is hard to get a good photo of him. He tries to eat the camera, pull on your clothing, eat your hair, the usual goat stuff. His real name is LTE's Olde Buddy. His color is a light buckskin. He is sired by Woodhaven Farms Rand McNally (blue eyes), out of Brush Creek Sandra's Honor. Sandra's Honor is sired by Ch Buttin' Heads Red Branch Legend*D, and her mom is PGCH Brush Creek Honor. Red Branch is a son of Ch/ARMCH Buttin' Heads Wedding Song 3*D and grand son of ARMCH Buttin' Heads Bryedal Veil.

Buddy is blue eyed and even if you all don't know much about bloodlines, he is a really nice buck and the father to the 14 kids so far. I then switched out bucks and the rest will kid to another blue eyed buck with a different, more dairy build. Buddy has a powerful build and Flash has a taller, more narrow, dairy build. I bred Flash to my real stocky and wide does to add more leg to the offspring.

Angel is a daughter of Red Branch and breeding Buddy to her is a nice line breeding.

I also had some chicks hatch Saturday. My little bantam black Cochin hen, "Helen" went broody a while back and I picked up some fertile eggs from a friend. I do not have a rooster. The 3 am crowing is more then I can take and if you all did not know it, one does not need a rooster for a hen to lay eggs. I put some chicken and guinea eggs in Helen's nest. Three of the 4 chicken eggs hatched and next week the guineas should hatch. Their incubation is 28 days, where a chicken is 21 days.
Helen was hatched last summer by one of my broody hens who I put some Bantam eggs under. Helen was the only hen, the rest that hatched were roosters. Helen lives in my garage in a cage. I leave the door open and she can go as she pleases, scratch around, and graze. In the evening she comes back to roost in her cage and lay eggs. She is an excellent layer of small brown eggs. She is pretty tame and will sit on one's shoulder and eat corn out of your hand. She is enjoying her 3 chicks and is a very good momma.
More later....