Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More babies...

Onyx had her kids today. She did not physically look like she would kid today, but I had seen her bred and wrote down the date. She was bleating this morning and not to interested in eating and I came back at lunch to check on her and sure enough, she had twin blue eyed does. They are both dark Buck Skin and perfect. Onyx is a black doe out of Brat (LTE Chelone), sired by Caesar. Her udder looks great so far and this is her first freshening (Kidding). The babies are sired by Buddy, a blue eyed buck with Brush Creek bloodline. I like to come and check on the doe and she has everything under control. The babies were still a bit wet, so I treated their navels with some iodine and they are good to go. I allow the mothers to mother their babies up for a few days, then let them out with the herd. This gives them a chance to bond with their kids.

We have had a full moon the last couple of days and I am not sure if that makes a difference or not. But everyone seems to kid during a full moon, so it may make a difference.

I had to share this photo of Flash, a young Boer Buck I have bottle raised, trying to push Trumpet, my Icelandic Sheep Ram around. I was shocked to see the 5 month old Boer trying to push the 180 pound ram around. I missed the shot of him rearing up, but caught this one of him pushing on the ram. Trumpet has a great disposition and just dropped his head and let the young and dumb buck bounce off his horns. The ewe approaching from the left came over and hit Flash hard in the side and sent him running to me like a wimpy baby.

Flash came a running and stayed by me the rest of the morning while I was feeding hay. Only on the farm, can interesting scenarios like this one come about. Every day is a new adventure with the comical lives of THE GOAT.

The picture below is Angel's baby doe who is a mini me of Angel. She is so cute. I need to check on Athena once more and must go for now.